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RE: If 10% of the cash on Corporate Balance Sheets moves to Bitcoin, the price would increase by more than $400k

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That’s the doomsday scenario and reason people should have some XRP in their bag.
But probability is still low compared to BTC taking over the world. We will see how it unfold anyway, best we can do is be prepared for different scenarios.

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Not talking about doomsday scenario, trying to explain plans that are already in motion, now.

BTC will not so much as take over the world, but it will be how international balances are paid.
I think block chain will take over the world... and inter change swapping will just be seemless (so it will all look like bitcoin)

XRP will fail... Basically, it will become a walled garden... and then become an ignored walled garden, with all the members having all their money, to exchange with each other... but what good is that when all the members are banks (or similar)?

It's already got major issues with the SEC trying to kill it...