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RE: Migrating fully to Synthentix L2 OVM (My experience and tips!)

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Unfortunately I missed your posts on snx testnet.
Thank you for sharing this !
I’ll give a try tomorrow, trx fees are around 5usd or even less ?

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TRX? No, this is on Ethereum! I'm afraid that there isn't that much on Tron that I find interesting... but BSC does have some interesting things starting up, but the real volume is on Ethereum still.

Sorry I meant transaction fees :D

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Ha, sorry! I'm a dufus!

Yeah, perhaps the fees will drop over the next days.. But the median price was around 40-50 gwei whilst I was doing this which isn't too out of the ordinary these days...

Haha no worry.
So I had a look at mintr L2 synthetix but didn't have the chance to use it yet (SNX not in wallet).
And I read that :

"Optimistic Ethereum network fees:$0.00/0 GWEI*
*Fees are temporarily subsidized by Optimism/

If I stake my SNX now, fees are waived ?

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Yep, no fees on L2 at the moment. Except that you will need to migrate and that could cost a bit in L1 fees depending on how many of the steps you have already completed.

I never touched the L1, don't ask me why :)

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I think you still need to migrate the tokens to OVM.

Alright I was not sure I was lost or not, but now I am for sure ! haha

For a very new user of SNX, without previous staking/minting/burning of whatever.
I go to and I can stake and mint there on L2 directly right ?

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