Singapore 1967 1st Orchids Series $1000 dollar banknote

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Take note that all the estimated value in the book is in ringgit.
Size: 159mm x 95 mm
Printer: T.D.L.R
This 1000 dollar banknote got 4 types:

  1. sign by Mr. Lim Kim San
  2. sign by Dr. Goh Keng Swee with a red seal on it
  3. Sign by Mr. Hon Sui Sen
  4. Sign by Mr. Hon Sui Sen with a red seal on it

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a real life steemian @truestory157 gave me some crazy Singapore notes

What Singapore banknote did he give you? 1000 dollars ?
I got a few more Singapore 1000 Dollars banknotes video coming soon

5 sing sing singapore dollars
Its made of plastic and has windows



Here is information about your banknote, sadly your banknote is not in UNC condition. So it is not really worth keeping it.


doesnt it still work in Singapore? or is it like an old TRX burn scam? lol does this money have expiration date?

Oh this is a neat and really beautiful bank note.. and it features Orchids!!! 🥰 thanks for sharing it 😁

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I've never seen a bank note with Orchids on it.. I am really LOVING this one 😁

I have just recently done the video on the entire Singapore 1st Series banknote which all contain pictures of Orchids. However these few days I am focusing on releasing video about Singapore 1000 dollars banknote.
I will only release those videos around next week.