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RE: Who is gonna launch HIVE Shark Tank ?

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This has been discussed in the HiveHustlers community in the past. It’s a cool idea. I am getting started on the ‘Fiverr’ style freelancer marketplace in May and will be getting it launched by years end. Could be something we look at again shortly after that though if nobody else jumps on it. Been toying around some business NFT ideas too...Maybe we can bounce some ideas off each other.


Fiverrs Fees have become stupid so having an alternative for crypto based products and services could be a really cool product that takes off. It does come down to what is offered by the community though. You want real value and not some crazy gigs.

And that right there has been part of the issue especially with hivelist. People can already post about their services they are on Hivelist using the services or gigs tags, but they are the least used. Hopefully we can use these tools to bring more people into the ecosystem

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Are you the one who is gonna do episode 1 of HIVE Shark Tank ?

or Me ?

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