🔥Announcing the Winners of Grand Twitter Hustler Contest of 500 Hive and Free Hive Tips for All Hive Swarm on Twitter 🔥

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The Twitter Contest was made an announcement on this post.

500 Hive Prize rewards will be given away to Top 5 winners of the Twitter competition. We are thankful for @theycallmedan & @threespeak for sponsoring our Hive marketing campaign on Twitter. It will help us to be more active promoting Hive on one of the biggest centralized media like Twitter.

All Top 5 Winners will get

1st Place200 Hive
2nd Place125 Hive
3rd Place100 Hive
4th Place50 Hive
5th Place25 Hive

The Moment of truth to decide who will win the Twitter Contest based on the number of your valuable #Hive Tweets. We are valuing our tweets based on the relevant content it brings to its readers, we are taking concern of making spam tweets that have no values.

All of our tweets related to #Hive are collected from August 20 - August 27, available for public review on our Google Spreadsheet.

Rank - UsersPrize
1st Place - @nathanmars200 Hive
2nd Place - @spirall125 Hive
3rd Place - @pixiepost100 Hive
4th Place - @face2face50 Hive
5th Place - @dexpartacus25 Hive

What if I did not make it on Top 5?
We have a consolation @hivetips prize for the Top 6-30. Please comment down below what is your place.

We have a surprise Free #Hive for all our Hive Swarm on #Twitter.

Just tweet what is the biggest reason why you love Hive including the hashtag #HiveChat and #Hive. Please mention me on your tweets(My Twitter account is @hiro_hive ), so I can send @hivetips directly. Comment your twitter link below. See the sample;

Thanks to @jackmiller and @lightproject for making a great tool like @hivetips and supporting this contest.

Top 30 List

RankTwitter NamesRankTwitter NamesRankTwitter Names

We want to recognize our great people on Twitter we always see every day. I am grateful to God to have you guys in our Hive Family. We love all of you, I am praying to God that He take good care for all of you and your family. <3
(Note: The list is the only name I know based on my limited capacity that I figured out on their usernames on Hive connected to Twitter accounts. If you think must be included on our list, we will appreciate commenting down and we will be happy to add you. Cheers!)

Great TwitterHustlers List➡️➡️➡️

OMG! I love this! I really love to see my brothers @nathanmars, @pixiepost and @dexpartacus in this top, congratulations! You totally deserve it for the AWESOME work that you do everyday hustling on Twitter!

Keep the good work brothers!

Congratulations to @face2face and @spirall too! You're awesome!

The real OG thanks for the mention man... It was an experience.

Brother, can you please comment in our pinned post on Twitter. We will send our reward tips on our Twitter :))

Alright... Done that already.
Thank you

Thank you so much, hon! Congrats to you as well! Love having you around us to uplift us with your music & spirit. 💜

Thanks Brother!! Love your positive vibes!!😀💪🔥

Thankyou Man!

Great to have you

PS. Tips Sent :))

Congratulations to the winners! @nathanmars @spirall @pixiepost @face2face @dexpartacus You guys really do a great job of getting HIVE to the moon, I'm so happy for you! The community should always be united as a family. ❤️

Thanks so much, my sister! You are doing amazing as well! Blessed to know you! 💛

Thanks Luciana!!! Really kind!!!😀🤗
Love this community!!!😍🔥🙌

Great to have you, sister

PS. Tips Sent :))

🙏🙏🙏 I didn't expect that...glad to be part of this community! You rock buddies!!
Let's keep with #hive promo on Twitter, se can reach great things with the power of our community!! Love you!
Congrats to my sister @pixiepost and brothers @nathanmars, @spirall and @face2face... You was amazing!!
But I can't forget others Hivers too!! Great buddies, great!!!💪💪💪
And last but not least thanks for this amazing contest, really... Was great!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏

I didn't expect this either ha ha. What an awesome surprise. So happy you won as well. You are absolutely the best. We always have fun on Twitter while getting the Hive name out there. The whole world knows of our family now!!

Blessed to know you1 Lots of love! 💚

Yea... It was really an awesome experience, got to meet many hive owners along this road.

Congratulation my buddy, I admire your hard work. I already sent our prize reward under your tweets, please tell us if this showing to you. Thank you, my man!

First of all Congratulations to the top 5 with @nathanmars leading them from the front.
Congratulations to all other #hive hustlers who are among top 30 and others as well who have contributed in the success of this.
Thanks to the sponsors @theycallmedan & @threespeak.
And.. I am happy to accept the Tenth place among this strong brigade of #hive hustlers.

This means a lot and also brings the responsibility of improving further and climb up with valuable tweets without spamming.

Good day #hive family :)

Congrats to all of us, if the Hive succeeds, we all going to achieve our goal. Appreciate all your tweets :))

PS. Tips Sent :))

Well said bro, count me anytime.

I appreciate your endless updates on #hive and wish you a good day :)

Thank you so much for doing this my man.

Our community appreciate you :)

Congratulations to you also Nathan!! We are going to push Hive to the moon sooner than we think ;) 💙

We cannot this without your initiation, the community will finish what you have started

Congrats to all the winning Hivians of the community.

It's only the start of our Twitter Hive revolution, please join us there. Let us promote Hive, great to have you

PS. Tips Sent :))

Thanks for the tip. It's appreciated very much!

Starting to gain momentum on Twitter Hivers sharing, thanks for on-going support by all who keep this going.

Great to have you

PS. Tips Sent :))

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you guys a lot and keep doing great things!

Great to have you

PS. Tips Sent :))

This is awesome. Congrats to all the winners!👌..

Am in number 18 😅

Great to have you

PS. Tips Sent :)

Congratulations to @nathanmars @spirall @pixiepost @face2face @dexpartacus
everyone else.
let's keep the momentum going!

Thanks a lot Yellow... You're awesome.

Thanks man... We keep the flag flying.

Thank you!!! Keep doing your great work as well. I see you out there :) Keep crushing it 💜

Thanks a lot!!!😀🔥🙌

Well done everybody! And thanks as always,@hiro-hive for all your hard work in gathering the stats & working on the best way to encourage Hive users to Tweet in the most effective way. Your efforts are definitely part of the reason why Hive Twitter is hopping!

Great to have you my GIF queen!

PS. Tips Sent:))

Really awesome! Not a surprise at all with those ranks. Those folks are all over the twitter game!

My tweet for the little hive for others! Thanks Hiro!

Hello, I sent the @hivetips can you see it? If not, please see the hivetips extension as Twitter is sometimes censoring our tips. Thanks for your patience

Screen Shot 20200828 at 16.08.37.png

I'm not seeing it but I did get the extension! Thanks!


Please click on Services, log in your Hive account and Twitter account.

We already sent out the #Hive tips manually, we notice there is a censorship problem on Twitter. Thank you for your patience, we appreciate your support for Hive on Twitter =D

Thanks I appreciate it! Sucks that Twitter is a pain with something like that. They don’t like crypto where they don’t get any money off it!

Unforgettable contest. I enjoyed fun of this contest a lot with my all #hive hustlers owners in Twitter.

Thanks to all Contest organisers!!
Congratulations!! To all #hive hustlers!
Special Congratulation To all 5 winners including me..
A big thank to @hive-data!


I already made distribute our @hivetips through Twitter. Please advise us if you already claim it

How can i join?

Alright will do
My twitter handle is @motev01

Great to have you

PS. Tips Sent :))

Thank you !!!

Just be active on Twitter, comment here the twitter link for your participation so I can send hive tips


WOW! What a nice surprise to wake up to this morning! Thank you so much & a big congratulations to the rest of my Hive family that won :)

A big shout out to the whole community that has been crushing it on Twitter. When we work together, we really make an impact & spread the amazing vibe of our awesome blockchain.

Thank you Hiro for everything you have done for us. It kept us motivated & strong. Much love & respect!! 💚

Love you guys!!!

Thank you, congrats for winning the contest. Thanks for claiming your rewards, hope to see more of your good works! Thanks

Ok..27th in the list...not bad...but i put more substance..! Greetings all winners..!

Mi review about the last night activity

Great to have you my friend

PS. Tips Sent :))

how are you dear friends @ hive-data good night
They have done a great job with this contest, many people mobilized with it. congratulations, extended to all who have participated, especially to the top five.
With this contest we all win, since it was hive that benefited and if hive is doing well, we are doing well

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