This 'Average Joe' Made 3K+ LEO In 2 Months | The Token Distribution Is Amazing!

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'Average Joe' Made 3K+ LEO In 2 Months

I have been an active 'Lion' or in other words, an active and contributing LeoFinance user for 2 months and I have achieved and accomplished several things since I took the 'leap of faith' and dived straight into this really cool blockchain-based social media platform for crypto- and finance content..

With this article, I will reveal the outcome of my work, but this is not to brag or show off some crazy numbers that aren't accurate. What you are about to see is real numbers and real results that comes from a random and average user, and this is something that is very important to me.

I have always tried to identify myself with newcomers and small accounts because it gives me reason and answers for things I cherish and am passionate about. I want to have a strong foundation to build upon and a healthy middle class is very important for that to happen. The most important thing for this to ever happen is to have a good token distribution, and my results on LeoFinance would not have happened without the community, the token distribution and without the amazing and genuine support I have.

I know that some people might find success stories annoying and even though I can relate to some of that, especially as a former Freelancer who literally bought every single guide or report out there when I started out as an Internet Marketer several years ago, I think they are extremely important, as long as they are accurate and comes from average users without a ton of stake or a massive following.

Those stories, to me, are also what put various things in perspective and they often paint the picture as it is, rather than spoon-feeding people inaccurate details which gives people false hope.

Before going to the 'meat' of this article, I will tell you that nothing came to me easy, and this is not some weird, miraculous get-rich-quick scheme. This is not a recipe for absolute success.

This is what I have done, the results I have had and nothing besides that.

54 Articles In 2 Months

I am not sure of the exact date I joined, but according to my posts, I have been here for 2 months. That could be 7 weeks or 9, so I will continue to say 2 months from here on out.

I have published 54 different articles since I joined and these articles generated, including my current pending rewards, a total amount of: 3312.57 LEO

Authors and curators (users who vote on content) split rewards equally, which means that the curators have earned 50% of that total amount, which leaves me with 1656.28 LEO tokens in total.

That is the amount of LEO tokens I have been able to earn since the day I joined LeoFinance, and those earnings comes from the articles I have published. Curation rewards or rewards I have been able to earn through my comments are not included.

If we think of these 2 months as 60 days, this equates to 27.6 LEO per day.

Results doesn't usually come easy though and besides these 54 articles I have published, I have written several hundreds of comments throughout this entire time. Unfortunately, I don't know the exact amount of comments I have made, but it's rather safe to say that I have written at least 500 comments.

The majority of my comments are rather long and well-thought, so they are not to be considered 'spam' or 'low quality' just for the sake of adding to the quantity.

I have been lucky, but I have also put in hard work, time and effort during these 2 months and my most rewarded article reached a whopping 189.46 LEO. I kept 94.73 LEO and the other 94.73 LEO went to the curators. 3.84 LEO is what my least rewarded article paid out. 1.92 LEO to me and 1.92 LEO to the curators.

I can also tell you that I am not native in English and I spend an average of about 2 hours on each article I publish. That alone is 108 hours I have spent on my articles during my time on LeoFinance.

Even though I can't give you an exact number (because it's too much to count), I estimate my articles to be about 1000 words long on average. Besides that, I create my covers (the image you see at the top of this article) and I often include other images and/or screenshots in my articles. I create them as well, instead of just using whatever images I find on google.

I do this for various reasons, but my main goal, or reason for this is that my covers are recognizable and it is sort of brand building. I draw attention to my articles and my username with my covers, as my covers usually includes the famous (infamous) 3D man.

(Fun fact: I even have rights to use, sell and modify them etc.)

My covers might not be the best looking or the most awesome you have ever seen, but I follow a simple concept and I stick with that concept because people will remember and recognize them.

I Am The 'Average Joe'

I am not a newcomer to crypto-blogging and I have been 'in this game' since July 2016, but I would say that the majority of the support I have on LeoFinance comes from LeoFinance and are the result of me doing the things I have done on LeoFinance and not for things I have done elsewhere.

I am not famous and I did not come to LeoFinance with a massive following from YouTube or anything like that. I have been putting in work and the results I have is the outcome from the time I have invested in this place. I did not buy a lot of LEO tokens when I got here and I don't have a large stake to brag about, so I don't have great influence over rewards or in terms of token distribution.

The token distribution on is amazing, and I am just one out of a lot of other successful users here. While my results speaks for me and the things I have done, there are others out there with far greater results than me.

The actual amount is not what matters, even though the numbers are usually what gets most attention at first glance, (which is the reason for the title of this post), but what matters is actually the potential and the real, wonderful opportunity LeoFinance gives people to earn something extra while having fun.

And Everyone Can Do It!

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Weeellll... I'll start by saying that your accomplishment is amazing and impressive for sure... and well done!

However, I'm going to echo others here and say that you're not exactly average by any figment of anybody's imagination! That's not a "calling out," that's just a FACT. I remember your good works back on St€€m tirelessly "building" minnows and encouraging newcomers... and I think you have a background as a professional online marketer and SEO specialist?

But that doesn't take away from your accomplishment!


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Your balance is below 0.3 HIVE. Your account is running low and should be replenished. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

I thought more about stake, not being heavily invested in LEO and about my following on LeoFinance. But I can't deny the things you said. It's true, although I am not a SEO specialist. I had my own brand building business. A business I was able to create due to my freelancing.

So, even though I have certain skills and experience I still think that I am 'average' enough to identify myself with new users, as each new user will also have various skills. :)

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That is nuts! My posts don't make anywhere near that. I have often found on these platforms it has a lot to do with who you know and whose attention you can grab. It can be difficult to put out good content and not get the rewards you deserve. I guess it is all subjective though. What might be good to one person isn't to another. It is just a matter of finding the right people. I have a feeling I could write every day for two years straight and I probably wouldn't even be close to 3k LEO.

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I have often found on these platforms it has a lot to do with who you know and whose attention you can grab.

I agree with you and this is something I have felt ever since the Steem days. LeoFinance feels different though, because curators on LeoFinance, both whales and other wealthy accounts are actually putting in time and effort to find and curate content from various users, and one of my best guesses are that it's due to the reward-curve we have on LeoFinance. To earn 50% regardless if you vote within a minute or 6 days after a post have been published helps a lot with curation. Which also leads to better distribution and a healthier community.

Many of my own posts have been curated 2-3 and even 4 days after they have been published, even though most of the votes comes in during the first 24 hours.

That being said, I totally admit that I have been lucky to score some big votes from onealfa for instance, but not only that, I have also been picked by the curators on LeoFinance multiple times, like this article for instance. Sitting on the top of the front page due to that.

These things obviously helps tremendously in terms of exposure, but the best part is that I am still not someone famous, or the most well-known author on here. I am just one out of many other users having good results, which is why I think it's important to bring attention to how good LeoFinance actually is for both newcomers and established users.

I have a feeling I could write every day for two years straight and I probably wouldn't even be close to 3k LEO.

I actually doubt that. Judging by the results you've had so far, I think you'd be able to reach 3k long before 2 years have passed. However, not everyone will have the same results as me. Some have better and others will have worse. There's not enough tokens, curators or votes in total to go around for everyone, so that everyone can yield amazing results.. But there is enough for a lot of people to generate something.

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Yes, I was exaggerating of course about the two years, but I still think it would take far longer than two months. Perhaps as I continue to grow my stake more of the big dogs will realize I am dedicated and committed and they their votes will follow. In my three years on the chain I have never been that lucky, so I am not holding my breath :)

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You've been here for 3 years without those votes, so I guess you see potential and you haven't given up despite everything that has happened. That speaks for itself.

It's just a matter of time before they find you, and when they do, you'll get to feel the boost of encouragement, motivation and excitment those votes gives you. I'm sure of that.

I don't usually do this, but I'll even try to summon Toruk (@onealfa.leo) in an attempt to make you witness his powers. ;)

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I think you are above average, the way you keep up with your life and then create great content here is a lot more than this Joe six-pack could do. I like that you take the time to reply to your comments too!]

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Than you very much, I appreciate it.

I have always said that my audience is my most vital asset, so its important for me to reply to comments. Its the least I can do to pay them respect as well. I mean, they take time to read and comment on my content, so I treat them with the same respect. I read their comments and reply. :)

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This is so great to hear. I've assumed the opportunity is real but it's nice for my thoughts to be validated by an actual user that started from the bottom.

There has been a ton of development here that we benefit from and the whales are distributed wealth across this ecosystem and creating brand ambassadors that will ultimately carry the load.

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While some other communities or Hive itself have struggled- or continue to struggle with good distribution that actually reach far and wide, LeoFinance and it's users are putting in time to find and curate content from literally everyone.

This is obviously easier for LeoFinance as we don't have as many active users, or articles being published as Hive, but whales and other large accounts on LEO has continuously, from the moment I got here, been curating content from all types of authors and they also take time to "spread the wealth" within the comment sections of dozens of posts on a daily basis, which add up to an even better distribution of tokens.

This makes LeoFinance feel real and fair, and everyone, even people who doesn't feel comfortable writing fully-blown articles have a superb chance of earning tokens through comments and curation, which all leads to a stronger community.

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Yeah, @hitmeasap it feels really fun and fair right now. The big thing is will the people receiving the nice rewards from the whales pay it forward after they build up leo power? That is what I'm hopeful for.

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will the people receiving the nice rewards from the whales pay it forward after they build up leo power?

I guess we will find out with time.

I mean, people thinking about themselves and their own results more than anything else still exist, but due to the 50/50 reward split on LeoFinance, I think there's a good chance for people to continue to 'spread the wealth' across the entire platform rather than just upvoting a handful of users, (or themselves), which we have often seen in the past, on Steem or Hive for instance.

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That is awesome! I have only been here a bit more than a month now, but I'm not anywhere near that. I don't think I've posted near as much as you too so I guess I need to up my game and really get busy posting. Congrats again.

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Effort, time and hard work is the real recipe for success and I'm sure you'll have great success with time. :)

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No doubt you can be proud of what you have done.
Keep it up.

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Thank you very much for your awesome support, I truly appreciate it.
I am very passionate and I am eager to continue with my efforts on LeoFinance. With time, I will grow and be able to curate users in a slightly different way than I do today, which will help to strengthen the community even more in itself. I have very high hopes for LeoFinance and I can see massive potential, so I will put in the necessary work and contribute towards a healthy platform.

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Let me say, that had to be the fastest-reading and easiest 1000+ words I've read thus far. You're doing everything right, including the personal branding. Writing a good article is like building a house and I can relate to the time investment involved.

So you bought IM guides too? I'm smiling because I remember back when I was looking for work and would read those but didn't have the funds to really do things right. Example: I could buy a domain name, but couldn't afford the hosting! lol! Those were the days.

What's important is your emphasis on being an average person and not starting out as a Whale investing 10K to get started. That's the biggest takeaway from this post and will help inspire others that they can do the same. Bravo!


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Let me say, that had to be the fastest-reading and easiest 1000+ words I've read thus far. You're doing everything right, including the personal branding.

Wow, thank you very much for your kind words, I appreciate it. :)

So you bought IM guides too?

I sure did, I bought literally everything I could get my hands on when I first started. I fell for the 'amazing success stories' and the neverendless bullshit they shoved straight down my throat.

Once I figured things out, I decided to never become one of those standard Internet Marketers, so I did things differently. I never shared a bunch of nonsense and I tried to stay as accurate and honest as I could, at all times, regardless if I where writing ebooks or selling services. I filled my products with real value instead of empty promises of luxury.

The last thing someone eager and perhaps even desperate for an extra income wants or needs, is yet another ebook that talks about how easy it is to earn thousands of dollars here and there, so I just never did things like that.

What's important is your emphasis on being an average person and not starting out as a Whale investing 10K to get started.

What I mentioned above is basically why I think it's very important to stay honest and it's also why I try to identify myself with newcomers. It's vital for growth in general. Both my own but also the communities.

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Congratulations! They are reports like yours that show how much it is possible to grow in a community and LeoFinance brings us all the tools for that.

May more people feel encouraged to continue on their journey.

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I was trying to shed some lights upon the huge potential we have with LeoFinance, and along with that, encourage people to invest time and put in both effort and work. Its likely it will pay off if people are consistent.

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Slow (or nor so slow) and steady. It's amazing how we can grow with work, consistency and dedication. I'm close to reaching one of my goals, becoming a dolphin,but going for minnowhood on Leo is on my plans as well! Congratulations for the awesome growth!

It takes hard work and efforts, but it will give you results as long as you don't give up. Keep striving for new goals! :)

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I will! 😉

Boom! Our community rocks. Good work man, keep it up. We keep growing the community so these stories will become more and more common place.

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Thanks! Yeah, this community is awesome and I have very high hopes. :)

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I agree with you. Since many are looking for the magic formula to become millionaires or get a lot of money from the Internet because they think it's easy to get it, but the reality is that it takes time and effort and dedication. Because in order to generate $7 a day like you have done during these two months you required 108 hours of analysis research writing editing and many other things. So you are the living proof that in order to achieve what you want you need a lot of effort and discipline.

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People are often looking for the 'overnight' success and that is extremely hard. It's actually almost impossible. Just look at the passive income I generate from my earlier days of being a freelancer. I earn roughly $5 per day from that nowadays, and it's 100% passive income. I don't spend a single second and I still generate that income..

But, it wasn't always like that. That is the results of me putting in tons of time and effort trying to create that passive income. I spent countless of hours working on that, and I did that on top of my full time business.

And that is why I usually don't like these ordinary success stories we can see literally everywhere. Most of them skip the parts that includes hard work, blood, sweat and tears. They skip all of that and go straight to the $.

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Exactly, they always say everything they achieve and don't count all the effort, so one believes a lie and that everything is that easy.

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They play on- and feed off of people's emotions.

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Congrats Buddy! As a newcomer myself I know how hard it is to start building an audience, research contents, dealing with frustration... Wish you the best for your blogging activity!

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I wish you the same as well and I totally agree with you. It's hard and time consuming and I know how often newcomers can be frustrated over how "unfair" everything seems to be, but the biggest mistakes many of them do is to compare themselves with established authors.

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This is so nice to read.

Betting big on LEO

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LEO is really cool and it generates tons of 'buzz' and hype. I add more fuel to the fire because I truly want LeoFinance to spread like wildfire. With time, I am sure that both LeoFinance, Hive and other communities will benefit from it.

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that is a lot of work to get that many articles in, but easy when you're passionate about the topic i suppose

I wish I was first of all- talented enough to produce more content, but more importantly, that I had more time to put in. I actually love to grind, and LeoFinance happens to be a place where I am rewarded for my efforts and my attempts.

The community is wonderful and supportive, not only in terms of $-rewards, but in terms of engagement and sharing knowledge as well, so LeoFinance is rewarding, fun and exciting at the same time and its hard to beat that. :)

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That's pretty awesome to have made 3k blogging.. and for not being English native. I never would have known if you hadn't said so

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Yeah, it's awesome!
I keep 50% of that though, so it's 1500 LEO and worth about ~$300 in total at these prices. But the success I've had is incredible and I am very grateful for all the support. But more importantly, I am grateful for the opportunity.

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I have learnt two things on LeoFinance

  • Be consistent
  • Engage and converse with others strictly about the post they have authored .

This will help you grow your account .

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Engage and converse with others strictly about the post they have authored.

I definitely agree with your first point about being consistent, but I disagree with your second point, at least to some extent.

I know some users are likely to prefer to only talk about their specific post, and things that relates to that, but personally, I think engagement (the comment sections) are perfect ways to engage, come up with new ideas and share knowledge and experience, so I see articles in more like a 'gateway'-fashion, a gateway to more engagement, something that leads to things outside of the specific articles.

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You are right. Giving in other ideas is perfectly okay , I was referring to Staying within the scope of the author post . Most probably I didn't convey it right .

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I see, well.. It might have been me not understanding it properly. :)

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You made lot but I love reading your content it informative and help a lot

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Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing

You're welcome, thanks for reading it. :)

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Wow .. massive effort, very encouraging . keep up the great effort and energy

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Thank you. Yeah, it involves various things, hard work and time is two of the ingredients, but luck plays a role as well.

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its amazing all you write

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Thank you

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Thank you!

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