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Taking Over Google

Some of you might know that I am very passionate about LeoFinance and that I truly believe that organic traffic, evergreen content and proper marketing is what it takes to push LeoFinance to the next level. We have amazing features and innovative changes rolling out frequently, a dedicated team who cares about- and listens to the community and we have amazing token distribution from- and through a very warm and welcoming community. I haven't even mentioned how easy it is to join LeoFinance and there's a bunch of other things I could have mentioned as well..

However, this is not about those things. This is about what I do, will continue to do and what I aim for in terms of making LeoFinance an even better place with more people.

My ultimate goal is to crush competitors in terms of google rankings for specific keywords and search phrases and that involves a lot of time, research, marketing and optimization to mentioned just some of the things that is required.. I want to put LeoFinance on the map by pushing it to the top of the search results, and I seem to have accomplished something rather amazing so far:



1st Page Rankings

I bet that most of you understands how amazing it is for anyone to reach the 1st page on Google. It has a massive impact on organic traffic, Ad Revenue and new users over time. This is not only 1st page rankings I am talking about though, I am showing you first position on Google.

While the first screenshot gives us links to three different places, all three are connected with- and to the LeoFinance website. First of all, it is my article I have ranked. So I did not only write and publish "How To Earn Crypto From Blogging In 2021", I did it with the intention of ranking it.

Due to some optimization, marketing and social signals (likes, retweets etc) on traditional social media platforms, this article gained a lot of traction. The first link on google leads straight to the article on LeoFinance. The second link goes to reddit, where @trumpman shared my article. The third link goes to Publish0x, where I recently created my account because I want to use it for marketing purposes.

All of these things combined leads to more traffic and growth, but I also use Twitter and will be using Twitter more frequently going forward to reach more eyeballs and for brand building purposes. That being said, anyone who have a Twitter account can- and should like & retweet tweets about LeoFinance, or tweets that have been published on the LeoFinance platform. Especially if you like or appreciate the content that is being shared on Twitter. This gives us a huge extra boost in terms of traffic and the authors themselves will feel even more appreciated if they see people engaging with their content outside of LeoFinance as well.

However, you can see within the second screenshot that I have switched over to images. I still rank 1st but also 2nd and 5th for that same search phrase and these images leads to the same article. If we look at position number 8, we can see another article made by me, but it also takes us to LeoFinance.

So, while ranking one of my articles at the very top of Google, I also rank other articles with the same work I have put in on my content, because truth is that I somewhat optimize the majority of my content in various ways, and that will yield us great results over time.

Does It Bring Traffic?

The truth is that the actual keywords I have used is not a very common thing for people to search for, but I am 100% certain of the fact that people will search for ways to earn cryptocurrencies in the coming years, especially due to all the marketing people are doing on other social media platforms like Twitter for instance. 'How To Earn Crypto From Blogging' is something a bunch of people will be looking for because most newbies and newcomers to crypto won't be interested in investing money at first glance. They will look for other ways to earn their first cryptos and that article is exactly what they need.

  • LeoFinance and Hive is- and will be the answer they are looking for.

@khaleelkazi might be able to give us some details..?

Anyhow, what matters is that even if people aren't clicking that specific LeoFinance link you share on Twitter today, they will remember something about the article another time.. And instead of trying to find it on Twitter, they will search for it on Google..

With optimized content and high rankings on Google, what do you think will happen?

  • Organic Traffic.

What's Next?

I have a bunch of ideas and things I will do to improve- and increase the overall optimization of blog posts, google rankings and organic traffic. Like I said in the beginning of this article, these things takes time but one of the upcoming things, and one of the best things for rankings are:

  • Videos.

I am not entirely sure of how I will do it yet, but I have a decent idea which I will follow through in the very near future. That is likely to be used in an attempt to secure a better ranking for my previous article, but I am also thinking about going more into video format for both marketing and ranking purposes.

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Nice. This is the type of thing we need. I made a suggestion that we try to optimize under the term parler searches the other day. It was more for d.buzz, but I like to see how you're accomplishing some good results here on Leo.

Followed you on twitter.

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I think SEO and marketing is truly vital for our success and with experience from brand building, I know how important it is to not only focus on one of the things. You need to have a healthy combination of multiple things to have great results and that is basically what I'm trying to achieve.

I appreciate the follow and I've followed you back. :)

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Cool, Leofinance on the move!

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Like it should be! :)

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Thank you for the great article and for helping LEO/HIVE to grow.

I'm fairly new to this community - and to blockchain as a whole - but I can already see a lot of potential here so I want to do what I can to help.

I never really used Twitter, so I don't have a follower base there. What is, in your opinion, the next best thing to help bring traffic to Leo/Hive?

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In my opinion, word of mouth marketing is one of the most important things for both brand building and bursts of traffic, while SEO is important for organic traffic over time.

What I think will lead to the best results are 'social signals' from the 'average users'. Like Reblogging articles on Hive/LeoFinance and Retweeting and/or sharing Hive/LeoFinance articles on Twitter along with people sharing LeoFinance/Hive links on Publish0x, reddit & Facebook for instance.

Even though a direct link like this to: LeoFinance will have a better chance of generating traffic, as people could easily just click on that specific link, I think that most people actually forget, or ignore, brand building in the sense that you just mention LeoFinance and/or Hive within a message.

For instance, if you find someone on Twitter who is asking for a good place to share content, you can just as easily as you would share them a direct link to LeoFinance, just tell them that:

"LeoFinance is a great place to share content. You can even earn cryptocurrencies for your contributions"

That is how brand building works and it is word of mouth marketing at the same time. While doing that, without direct links, you don't risk being flagged, censored and/or muted and I would rather have people talking about LeoFinance/Hive without using direct links, instead of people spamming LeoFinance/Hive links all over the internet and being muted for it.. As that will lead to zero growth over time.

Sorry for the long answer, but long story short:

  • Talking about LeoFinance/Hive, in the right places so to speak would do the trick. Meaning, not spamming a lot of links where it doesn't belong just in an attempt to generate traffic.

  • Retweeting/Tweeting/Reblogging/Liking/Sharing LeoFinance/Hive content elsewhere.

  • Optimizing blog posts for traffic over time.

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No need to apologize! This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much

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You are very welcome. :)

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Yeah, I ran some test video links to that keyword grouping a couple of weeks ago. (I need to take those down) It was suprisingly easy to rank for and I agree that the traffic is low for the keywords but it will bring visitors over time. You can even update it for 2022 and it should hang tough in that spot if we build more links and social signals back to it. Great job. SEO converts like crazy.

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I think SEO is very underrated on Hive in general. Most people seem to think that spreading (spamming) links to LeoFinance/Hive content on Twitter, facebook and reddit is enough to bring traffic. I wish more people would focus just a tiny amount of time trying to optimize their content. A fraction of optimization goes a long way.

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That would deserve an article here !
I’d be happy to learn how to improve on that topic to make Leofinance better :)

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I have talked about some of these things in the past and I have an upcoming article in the near future as well. You can find them here:

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Great thanks !
Let me bookmark these :)

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You're welcome. Just doing what I can to help the platform. :)

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now that we are sharing :D i must say it does not get a lot of traffic and i had lack of time and idea of how to make it more interesting, so new videos are on hold, until i get some inspiration.

That's actually dope. Instead of using only "LeoFinance" as a link, you could actually copy the first few sentences from an article and link to that specific article instead for some extra link juice.

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i did not think about that, nor published it on leo, but i could link leofinance post or khal's post about onboarding.

Yeah, using the first few sentences from the article within the description would make it even more powerful.

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You certainly seem to have found your niche on this blockchain.....this is nice to see, especially as the experience seems to be personally (for you) much more rewarding than when you were interacting on Steem Old Hive :)

Good luck and continuation 👍👏😎

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The early days of Steem was an amazing experience for me personally, and nothing have felt similar to those days until I found LeoFinance. LeoFinance, since the day I joined have felt great in many different ways and for various reasons. The engagement is one thing. The amazing and wonderful community is another.

I think LeoFinance has massive potential and I look forward to the future.

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Good thing, I always thought that SEO should be really important for Leo/Hive

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Yeah, it has been neglected for too long and I've never really been able to understand why, but I guess that people are thinking more about what they earn today, and more about individual results rather than long term gains and to do things for the platform before thinking of themselves.

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Slow and steady, with the help of guys like you, Leofinance will turn into something amazing. We are on an awesome path.

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Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. LeoFinance is amazing and we're on a great path. Hive will benefit from all the LeoFinance buzz and success as well, so I am very optimistic. The future looks bright.

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More Content about other cryptos would bring more attention to leo.

I never understand why other cryptos don't post on Hive? It's a big synergy and a win/win.

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Hive is a place where you can share literally anything you want while communities like LeoFinance is- and can be places where you share more niche-specific content.

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You have really put in a lot of work into this and I say kudos in making Leofinance known the more in the internet world.

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That is true. I do put in both time and work in my creations, but I tend to "go that extra mile" for things I am passionate about. :)

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I say that maybe: how to win cryptomnedas with blog in 2021. is not something as common as you say, but if we change it to how to earn money from home in 2021 is something that attracts more. because everyone is looking for ways to earn extra money from home, and I think that is a word that is a phrase that is used more.

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'How To Make Money From Home' is definitely used a lot more frequently, but it has a lot more competition, which makes it really, really difficult to rank. I used the phrase I used thinking of that, and with the intention of ranking less popular keywords. With time though, things might be different.

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This is interesting as we all could use this in our blogs. Congrats on accomplishing this nice result.

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Thank you very much, I appreciate it. :)

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Ohhhhh.........is that the way to succeed at blogging. Hmmm, i was WONDERING how people could generate consistently high USD payout in few days after joining and blogging articles on blockchain social media platform like Leofinance.io and Hive.blog.
Amazingly, the secret hidden for lots cryptocurrency miners, Now Revealed!!! Now on wards, I will assure you that only this wisdom shall bring me significant Leo and Hive Tokens rewards.


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Well.. No. I mean, for the average content creator on Hive/LeoFinance it's perfectly fine with just creating content to get rewards in return.. That is how the "basics" are, and it has always been like that. Most people are looking for short term returns and there's nothing wrong with that.

However, what I have talked about in this article is not about my personal rewards, or the amount of upvotes I get. This is only for future gains, as I know that I will earn more, or that the tokens will be worth more with growth. So even though I might not earn a lot of tokens for my contributions today, I continue to do the things I do because I know everyone will benefit in the long haul.

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I will! :)

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your articles are amazing ....
you are the Professor

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Not sure about that, but I try to do the things I am good at, or the things I know that I can do to help Hive & LeoFinance grow in ways we haven't really seen before.

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Yes you are a panther love you way support newbie