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Due a rather skewed and hectic work schedule at the moment, I can't make really any promises like this, but I can definitely promise you, and everyone else, that I will comment as much as possible. When time allows, I already have plans to set a daily/weekly amount of comments to make, and I will strive to beat my own goal further on as well. After all, engagement is key.

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That is all we can ask @hitmeasap.

Each of us can do a little bit more even if time constrained. Those who have a bit more flexible schedule can help to compensate for those who lack the time.

Glad to see you on here.

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Glad to see you on here.

Truth to be told, it's been a rather long time since I felt this type of motivation for anything on Steem/Hive, so I'm definitely here to stay. LEO looks very promising. I just hope we will steer this ship in the right direction immediately, instead of trying to steer it back once we're basically lost at sea. Which, in all honesty, feels like the current status for Hive.

Anything to increase and improve engagement and/or diversified content on LEO is more than welcome, and sits close at heart.

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I feel Hive is on the right path, first time in a long time. With Steemit Inc out of the way, things are actually starting to get done.

I disagree with the idea of promoting Hive in terms of marketing, that is for the layer 2 apps in my opinion. Get people signed up through them, and it all feeds into Hive.

Leofinace is starting to unleash the potential that resides, something many of the tribes are starting to realize.

Over time, many will copy aspects of Leo that work and implement it onto their chain.

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Getting rid of Steemit Inc was obviously a good thing.. I don't know, maybe I just thought things would be different than they are. Perhaps that's why I can't really see that Hive is on the right path.. I probably expected more.

*I disagree with the idea of promoting Hive in terms of marketing, that is for the layer 2 apps in my opinion. *

That is very true. What I would've wanted is proper marketing for Hive from the start, but it all came down to the same type of marketing as before, as we saw on Steem. The twitter movements etc. Even though I am glad and appreciate all the work they are doing with those types of initiatives and movements, I would've preferred to see them promote the communities instead of Hive.

  • Niche specific marketing.

I'm sure we would've seen so much greater results if we did that instead of these "spam-type" tweets we've seen for the past 2-3 years or so. It feels about time to change things.

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People need to realize that being a decentralized entity means there is nobody heading that type of stuff up. To expect it will end up in frustration since it is nobody's place to head it up.

Ironic that online, the idea of mass advertising isnt necessarily the path to success. Facebook, after all, spread like wildfire without any was all word of mouth among college students.

I have a feeling the right communities could tap into the proper niche and attract a bunch of serious people. It is easier for dedicated people about a particular subject start to interact with other dedicated people on the same subject.

I know blogs that have 20,000 users a month commenting, a wordpress based one, that got that way simply based upon word of mouth. It is a particular sports team, which is, obviously, very loyal with the following.

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True the future of this blockchain lies ahead with improved engagement and building by the communities. We just have to see a way in which rewards can be pushed into this end to encourage more collaboration among members.

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That is where layer 2 comes in and the communities themselves determine how important mass distribution is.

On LEO, the focus appears to be helping others to grow their account so we have a token distribution and economy that is resilient.

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People need to realize that being a decentralized entity means there is nobody heading that type of stuff up.

I know it's decentralized and all, but we still have "Kings", "Queens", and "Leaders", and we've basically seen the same people "on the top" since the Steem days.

Those specific users could've used their influence a long time ago and tried something different. That's why I feel Hive is stagnant, because they're literally trying the same thing over and over. At least, that's how it feels like. And if I feel like that, as someone who's been here since 2016, I wouldn't really be surprised if that's how the "masses" feel as well.

it was all word of mouth among college students.

Which is exactly why I want people to focus more on WOMM, (word of mouth marketing). LEO and/or Hive feels too complex for a short elevator pitch. It takes time to learn and understand things here, meanwhile it doesn't take much time to upload a profile picture, write a status update and send friend requests..

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The Metamask sign up really simplifies things, that is what I like about it. People are not slammed by the idea of multiple keys and all that goes along with it. They can simply come in and operate like they do on any other social media site. Over time the rest can be learned.

As for the "leaders" it is vital to remember most of them are technical in nature, not marketers or even business oriented. Also, while they were in place for a while, it is a big move from the early days when it was Ned, Dan L, and Steemit Inc holding all the cards.

The next phase of Hive's evolution is to go from the 30-50 influencers we have now to 250. I believe this happens by creating other wealth centers via the other projects/tokens. From there, HP can be acquired which will change governance. This is something that few talk about but it is a necessary progression. Demand for HIVE will also come from the need to switch out the main actors since many will not want their wealth in the hands of those who are presently there.

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Indeed, Metamask is a really nice thing. That will make things a lot easier.

Most "leaders" are technical, I know. Which is why I actually liked the idea of rewarding people for promoting Steem in the early days. Unfortunately, they paid the wrong type of people for not-so-great advertising back in those days. Most likely because none of them knew how good marketing would've looked like..

I truly hope we'll see the next Hive phase, it's a needed one. I agree with you to 100% about going from what we have to more influencers. That is one of the reasons I've always wanted to strengthen the middle class and ultimately the foundation, (meaning the lesser accounts). I'm sure things would've been different by doing that from the start.

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