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RE: Just got my 10K LEO back, cheers @Khal!

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Sounds like you've had a great day so far. 30K LEO is awesome!

Do you have any luck with your miners?

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I'm pleased with my stake so far - the miners is an odd one - someone pulled this for me -


That's from 66 LEOMs and 3.25 LEOMMs, so not many.

But you can't see any of those rewards in my wallet.

Also note the declining return in November - I think A LOT have been bought recently.

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the miners are sold out, the only ones left are on the market but that is not that many in the grand scheme of things... I seem to get 1.2 or 2.4 per day roughly but I have some more miners

I just picked up another 40 odd, they were on sale all of a sudden, I think they're still worth it.

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At ~5.3 Hive for LEOM and LEOMM at 25, it makes sense to go with LEOM.. But it doesn't really seem like a good investment, in terms of the mining rewards. I guess you could sell those miners for a rather sweet profit further down the line though.

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I think it is on parity ATM with just buying the LEO and staking it, BUT the difference is the LEOMs are set - with LEO your returns will probably go down over time because more is printed, I think.

I might have that completely wrong.

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I think you are right, so I guess that would eventually turn into a steady LEO income. Time will tell. ;)

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And I saw something in Discord about @rollandthomas buying all of them up to 10 Hive - so that gave me some idea of the cut off value!

But I'm happier with staking here TBH.

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Oh, okay. Yeah he seems to like those miners.. lol

I think it can turn out pretty good though. While you get less rewards for content you'll still mine at the same pace, so the miners should increase a lot in price as well. I guess it comes down to a decision to either sell miners or mine for LEO further down the line.

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