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It should come as no surprise that I am very passionate about LeoFinance and that many of the things I do is my attempt of pushing LeoFinance forward and my attempt of putting LeoFinance straight before the eyes of the masses in various ways. I do that by sharing my knowledge, tips and ideas to my audience. I try to teach my audience the massive impact optimized posts will have for traffic and I have frequently talked about marketing in different ways. These things combined leads to one thing and that is growth.

I recently recovered my Twitter account again, and I will be using that account more and more for marketing purposes and brand building. As explained in a previous post, social signals like retweets and likes are important for growth, so I highly recommend that you interact with tweets on Twitter, especially if the tweets are linking to articles that has been published on either LeoFinance or Hive, as this will improve rankings and boost organic traffic over time. Two vital ingredients for growth.

Like I said in my other post, I am trying to rank one of my previous articles, How To Earn Crypto From Blogging In 2021, and I would appreciate any retweets, likes and/or own tweets linking to that article in the future. You can easily retweet/like the tweet from @LeoFinance by clicking here.


"Your author request was approved"

I have never used publish0x before, but seeing the traffic coming in from publish0x made things very clear. I had to become an author on publish0x, not because I care about the $ I might earn for my posts on there, but because of the traffic I can drive from publish0x to LeoFinance.

I already bring traffic towards LeoFinance from due to my articles, I use Twitter to increase exposure and I am using google as well, due to my optimized articles and because of social signals and backlinks from other sites. This leads to higher rankings with organic traffic and growth.

The first post I wanted to share on publish0x was obviously:


As I am the original author of this article, I am also allowed to share that on publish0x and it's as simple as copy-pasting so it literally takes less than a minute. That doesn't only give me a chance of earning something extra for my work, it gives LeoFinance a lot more exposure with time as well.

The screenshot above shows you the amount of traffic we get from various sources. Twitter and gogle is dominating so far with publish0x reaching 7th place on the list. However, each person we are able to drive towards LeoFinance means two things; A potential user & Ad Revenue, so it's definitely a good idea to spread the word as much as possible, in various ways.

My post on publish0x is ~3 hours old, I have gained 2 followers and the article has been viewed 165 times. That means ~165 people who might click the link to the original article that was published on LeoFinance, it might mean increased Ad Revenue and it might mean new users. Imagine thousands of views from publish0x on LeoFinance related articles. It doesn't only yield a higher chance of getting more people clicking the LeoFinance link, it also means that the actual name LeoFinance is being spread far and wide as well..

  • That's brand building in a nutshell!


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There is no better time for leofinance to be in the face of everybody than now as crypto is the buzz word of the day, we lions can capitalize on the noise to attract as much users as possible. So all your effort are appreciated. Keep up the good work

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That is very true. Like I said in my other comment, I just wish that more people would truly realize the importance of organic traffic and how that eventually will lead to massive growth. But I'll continue the things I do, as I am 100% certain of the fact that we all will benefit by it in the long haul.

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I can see that you worked with affiliate marketing/SEO before, thinking of how traffic is generated and on how to increase engagement. Leofinance should be glad to have you!

Thank you buddy, I appreciate it. I just wish that more people realize the massive potential we have by just doing some minor things differently than before.. But the road is long and I won't stop doing what I do. :)

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Pretty much! My only gripe is with Twitter at the moment... I really do think people should get away from the centralized socials. Publish0x is cool though-- I've been there for a while-- and its traffic is growing exponentially lately. I also recommend UPTRENND as a decentralized rewards-based social platform (affiliate link). It has a lot of potential... just needs more competent writers with things to say.

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