🏆Steven Crowder's Call to Action // Hive Tips Giveaway for tweeting and promoting Hive on Twitter // HiveFixesThis Initiative 🏆


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Be sure to follow us on Twitter not to miss our daily #HiveFixesThis. Our daily #HiveFixesThis for your chance to receive your free @hivetips for just tweeting and promoting Hive. What we need to do is;

1.) Comment under the targetted tweet on how or why Hive can help to solve the problem, preferably a minimum of 15 words.
2.) Encourage them to consider Hive or create their own account. Use the hashtag #HiveFixesThis.
3.) Feel free to use some graphics material or GIF to catch some attention. I have made some GIFs on our tenor account and cool GIFs library of work made by @traciyork on this link.

See this sample 👇

4.) After tweeting, then comment under this post the link of your tweet.

See this sample 👇


5.) The @hivetips will be sent directly to your wallet right after reviewing it.

What is HiveFixesThis?

This is the initiative sponsored by @theycallmedan and @threespeak with the help of @fullalt team to promote Hive on Twitter. What we are doing is to make a task of the day and you can earn liquid Hive for participating in these tasks.

We will be using the hashtag #HiveFixesThis to consolidate all the tweets in one tag for more convenient tracking of our tweets. Our goal is to tap the unchartered territory of how we can bring Hive to the attention of the people.

If you found out tweets that we may want to consider in our future HiveFixesThis, please don't hesitate to bring that in our awareness by private messaging or retweeting it with the #HiveFixesThis tag.


Credits to @doze for the wonderful image

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If you are interested looking how the Hive community is doing on Twitter effort, please check our daily Hive report on @hive-data


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We want to recognize the most active people on Twitter that we always see every day. I am grateful to have you guys in our Hive Family. We love all of you, I am praying that we are all in good shape in whatever situations we are in. <3

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