🏵 My Story of my Life on Hive || Quick summary of how I discoved Hive / Steem || HF24 is a Success for all of us 🏵

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I want to start this post in a few lines first before I speak anything, want to tell that I love the whole Hive community because they are real people with real emotions, they are the most kind-hearted people you can found on the internet.

Shall we begin now? =D

We are now seeing the Hive hitting its low of 1500 sats just a few days ago. A situation like this sometimes gives the people some worries and depression especially if you are the one who bought close to a dollar and now looking at your portfolio and seeing a 80% less value.

In this rare opportunity, for me, this is the best time to accumulate Hive and become more effective in curating good posts. I can say this is a blessing in disguise that we don't want to take for granted. Don't take me as your financial advisor.

I want to talk about my brief experience on trading Hive/Steem back in the days. Last May 2017, I learned about crypto project called Steem which is a brainchild of Dan Larimer and Ned Scott. My real goal in making a Steem account is I want to use Steem stake power up to upvote good post and needy people who badly need support. I prayed to God to help me to be able to become a cheerful giver to anyone who is lacking in foods, medicines, livelihood, and so forth. In my mind, 1 or 2 dollar upvotes means a lot for people who lives in a developing third world country.

Screen Shot 20200920 at 09.38.01.png

Doing the giveaways continuously on my own, knowing my capacity, I cannot do this alone because I know that I am as well very limited too so I take advantage of powering up some investment and using the stake vested the power of Hive/Steem can already grant some small support to anyone in the world. An idea pops in my mind, I want to be part of this, that nothing like this existed before and want to take a chance to be a giver just like the son of God named Job in the bible.

Doing my research on crypto in #Youtube, I bumped in and watched the one of the videos of @trevonjb. He mentioned that he sold all his Bitcoin and Ethereum for Steem, then my interest slowly builds up to look more in-depth analysis of the ecosystem.

I manage to found the old videos I was watching back in 2017, It's a re-uploaded video.

Then I decided to make my first account on Steem on May 8, 2017. I bought my first Hive/Steem on a trading platform named @Poloniex and @Bittrex, which I still used nowadays. That time, @Bittrex and @Poloniex are one of the biggest trading websites, almost everyone I know in crypto has tried using this platform. I remember that I bought a total of 2k dollars more or less, I am not pretty sure, just kind of my brain hardly remembers the exact numbers. But checking out the history of my account I still found some of the withdrawal transactions I made.

Screen Shot 20200920 at 09.34.59.png

Screen Shot 20200920 at 09.35.10.png

I was very happy back then, I know that my upvotes will mean something to other people especially in countries that hit by a major economic disaster like Venezuela, Columbia, Africa, Zimbabwe, and many other more.

Image created by @doze

Fast forward by 3 years, today we have the strongest community we can never imagine. The first community Hard Fork 24 Eclipse will take place very soon. This is a major success for all of us, we are not under any centralized company, the original mission and vision of a decentralized community came true on Hive. It looks like I cannot write all things I want to tell in one sitting, in our next post I will talk about the price of Hive which like I mentioned above is a great blessing in disguise.

Screen Shot 20200920 at 10.30.44.png

Stay awesome everyone, we are closer to our dreams than we could ever imagine. Just have faith.

Also, I really do love Ramen!

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Miss @trevonjb

Yeah, we miss him. In my opinion, @trevonjb may want to take consideration on decentralized hive fund if his concern is his Steem airdrop. Great to have him as one of the great promoter back then, as well as @craignow

It is very exciting to read about the experiences of the first blockchain members. We are now a team that is growing more and more in the hope of doing our part to offer a light of hope to those in need. Thank you @hiro-hive!

We are still in the early phase of Hive. Its a rebirth of Steem in a more decentralized way, we are lucky to be part of it.

Ramen is really bad for your stomach. Also, I usually eat it raw. I break the ramen into 4 pieces, open the package and eat it 😮

Fresh ramen is I think one of the healthy foods. However, instant ramen is very bad for our stomach and proven to cause some disease because of the perservatives used by manufacturers. Thanks for your time checking out here

And thank you for introducing steem to us back then. :D

Yeah, thanks for believing. Its the most promising cryptocurrency we have still today.

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Yes I am a witness of your aim, you aim to give to the less privileges. May God bless you always

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