2021 - Let us make HIVE & HBD household name! Initial 500 HIVE Twitter giveaway

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To make everyone happy and excited this holiday season of giving, we decided to distribute the 500 HIVE tips to all participants instead of picking up a few winners of large prizes. As of this moment of December 24, 2020, at 5 AM UTC, 74 people have already been tipped with 7 HIVE each to sum it up in a total of 518 HIVE initial distribution to make 2021 - HIVE & HBD a household names!

Screen Shot 20201224 at 09.14.31.png

You can check all our transfer history on https://peakd.com/@hive-data/wallet

@scottcbusiness is now doing the HIVE giveaway to his followers, be sure to follow him to take a chance to grab some juicy free HIVE tips.

We are planning to run this 2021 Free HIVE Twitter giveaways until January 21, 2021 (hopefully, our Twitter accounts still do not get suspension until that date, 😂)

For all people who cannot get their HIVE tips, please read our instructions to reply using your Hive username without @ like what is written in the reply tweets.

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Also, I really do love Ramen!


Thank you for your time reading and visiting my post, really do appreciate you being here. 😍😍😍

My past post you may want to consider checking out. Great to have you here <3


Great going .. All the best !

Friend I think they got confused with my username.

On Twitter I'm @aderneycarrillo

But in hive I am: bigcarrillo


Such a nice initiative, @hiro-hive.

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It's my own little way to thank our community with the help of @hivetips. Great to have you

Wonderful, love to see the attention Hive is receiving. Keep up the great work! Oh why did you drop me on twitter?
Did I say something wrong? I hate losing followers.

twitter @cdilas3081 or SN HODLer'Curt

Excellent initiative in support of the Hivers.

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