🪁 200 HIVE Twitter Giveaway | 200 Regalo de Twitter de HIVE 🎲

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100 HIVE will be rewarded for 2 lucky winners of our new contest giveaway. All you need is to

✅ Retweet
✅ Mention 3 person
✅ Follow me on Twitter & @hivetips

The 2 winners will given by 100 Hive powered up to their accounts. It is sponsored by @fullalt, Let's make HIVE & HBD a household names!

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100 HIVE serán recompensados por 2 afortunados ganadores de nuestro nuevo concurso. Todo lo que necesitas es

✅ Retweet
✅ Mencionar a 3 personas
✅ Sígueme en Twitter y @hivetips

Los dos ganadores recibirán 100 HIVE que se activarán en sus cuentas. Está patrocinado por @fullalt, ¡Hagamos que el HIVE y el HBD sean nombres familiares!

Also, I really do love Ramen!

Please upvote, share, and follow. Thank you...

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Hello I've been following you recently but I wanted to congratulate you on all the hives you make available