No Way TRUMP and the FED is letting the market drop into the election... $SPY $QQQ

in LeoFinance8 months ago

I just don't see it happening. 2020 has been crazy. With Covid and the stock market correction all the way back to the pre 2016 election levels and then ripping back up to new all time highs within 5 we are here on a 2 day 10% plus pullback in the QQQ.

Wall Street is panicking. Put protection has been bought up out the wazoo. So what did I do? I bought some $AAPL and more $SPAQ this morning. We are 2 months out from the US election and I beleive there is a 0% chance (almost) that TRUMP and the FED let this thing drop NOW, into the election. Historically the market always does well in election years, so from having such a downturn, and immediate recovery (in the elction year) I find it very difficult to beleive that we go straight back down over the next two months.

I am putting money to work on the dip I have been betting on.

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