Autonomous Driving is getting close by the DAY

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Autonomous driving is going to change the world. And TSLA is going to do it. TSLA's crazy valuation is not just about the electric EV movement, it is also a software company. They have been deploying their self driving software over the past few years and it has done nothing but wonders. Sure, is it at a place where you should go to sleep behind the wheel or sit in the back seat and have noone driving? No. but you cann not argue with the facts that autonomous driving has shown the capabilities of being much safer than regular human decision making. I know there are going to be many haters on fintwit, wall street, hive, etc that do not believe this....but you cannot argue with the facts


The average US coillision with normal driving cars is 2.1/million miles driven...

The average Collision with Autopilot, autonomous driving engaged, is 0.3/million miles.

THAT IS AN 85% DECREASE in collision. You can't argue with the facts and TSLA is only going to continue to grow into a world changing company for generations to come...

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