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Winter blues

Oh man, the winter blues… While it is hectic times in the crypto world, one altcoin after another is flying through the roof, I have 200 euros that I have to double as soon as possible, and preferably even more of course. But I have a head full with cotton wool just about every day instead of brains. And the time I can make a decision, I jump on a coin that is high at its top at the time ... and of course I turn out to be suffering from FOMO afterwards, so I did not make a profit but saw a loss of 12 euro ... Oops!

Pay more attention again!

Because of the enormous dots of cotton wool in my head, the blogs don't want to fly out of my fingers that easily, but despite all that, I actually feel good. LOL.

Flip the switch

Weird? Yeah, well… you know what it is, sometimes you just have to accept what it is, get yourself together, kick it in the butt and flip the switch again to get productive again. And normally if you have to go to your owner every day, then you have an obligation to provide that production, but if you are home alone with your dogs, that obligation falls away. Which does not mean that I cannot put pressure on myself, because that is exactly what I am VERY good at. Maybe even TOO good, and that's why I block again. Well, whatever! Time to loosen up and take a more distant approach. Just turn off my feelings, and use my brain purely. Yes even I have brains.

Seeking Inspiration

Anyway, today I climbed into my pc again to do something more with it than looking around on Discord. Hmmm, what am I going to talk about? Thinking, thinking, thinking, inspiration, where are you now? Well, let's have a look at Twitter ...

Twitter to the rescue?

And there it was! A tweet from Coinmarketcap. As it turns out, the same feature has appeared with Coinmarketcap as with Coinbase. Instead of Coinbase Earn, you now also have Coinmarketcap Earn! Did you already know this?

A chance to win 1Inch token worth $300,-

So I saw a tweet, asking you to watch a few short videos about 1inch token, and that's not a punishment. But there is also a chance that if you complete the quiz correctly, you could be one of 10 randomly selected people who will receive 1 inch tokens worth $ 300 in their Binance account. And believe me, I would love to see that financial windfall appear. So you get it… I watched the videos and completed the quiz to at least have a chance. Now hope that I will be one of the lucky ones.

Ho wait, there are more videos

But to my surprise I saw that in this Coinmarketcap Earn there were more videos to watch, and more tokens to be earned. So I am not sure if you are guaranteed to receive those tokens. Or that for each token it is a random selection of lucky ones made by Coinmarketcap. But the movies don't take up much of my time, and it's always worth learning about tokens. Because again applies here… I don't even know most of them yet. And who knows, there might be my hidden gem that gives me such a gut feeling that I think, THIS IS IT!

Do you want a chance to win?

Oh yes, you do need to create an account with Coinmarketcap to participate… and if you are one of the lucky ones to get the 1inch tokens, then you also need to provide your Binance User ID. But that is self-explanatory when you start the quiz because you have to fill in that information before the real quiz starts.

What are you waiting for?

The Coinmarketcap Earn selection can be found in the following link… and I could just imagine you want to try your luck too. Who says "NO" to a chance to win an extra $300,- for the little effort of investing 15 minutes of your time.

Link to Coinmarketcap Earn

Okay guys and gals, I hope you enjoyed this ... and have some luck. Please don't take it all because I really want it too! But for now I really have to go and play with my impatient dogs ...

play with the dogs.png

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 40 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Nice article @hetty-rowan

You wrote "Link to Coinbase Earn", did you mean "Link to Coinmarketcap Earn"?

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Oh right! There you have the proof of my head full of cotton wool dots 🙄

Going to EDIT that! Thank you!

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Great article!


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Great. I am yet to receive my KAVA. I wonder if they give coins to all who take part or to lucky few.

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Hmmm that's what I was wondering too ... is it just a lucky few, or anyone who participates. For the 1inch I know it's just 10 lucky ones who will get 1inch tokens worth 300 USD. But for the other coins I really wonder.

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i'll just head over and complete them all :P

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Oh nice, let me know if you received any coins please?

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till now i haven't received anything :P

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