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RE: 3 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid Early In Your Crypto Journey

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Your tips that you give us in this beautiful post are very valuable. I can only agree with you on the points here.

However, I have another problem. My net worth has increased tenfold in the last half year because of Etherum and Bitcoin. Every week there are new highs. I am convinced that both coins will be much higher in the long run.
But still, I'm afraid that there might be another big crash or that I'm wrong. Therefore, I am afraid to lose everything again.
But should I let this fear move me to a (partial) sale? I think not. I think I would regret it in the long run..... I find this situation very difficult.

How do you hold on to investments that are performing extremely well?


I understand the situation you are in, it is a tough one indeed.
If it were me, I would sell some and convert to stable coins and leave the rest.

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