What is the most important factor to decide your investment for your coin?

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I had a talk with my friend last week having a lunch.
He was having a huge stress preparing report to vice-president, so I felt that he wanted to relieve that talking a lot.
So I could hear his investment story. Yes, I have had that story several times, but he talked so much in detail at that time.
He have had long experience on stock investment working on legal firm.
Even though I didn’t ask him, he shared some of his experience and view about his own investment philosophy and criteria.


I cannot share everything he talked to me because I honestly forgot some of them and some ideas seems to be very idealistic one for me.
What I remember now is that he does not see so many indexes and financial ratio like PER, liquidity ratio, debt ratio etc.
He just focus on revenue and basic level of profit and the companies visions. And he loves so much Aerospace industry and space x project.

I also like Space program so much, but still not so sure it could make big sensation in near future and if it could be helpful for human being.
I am not talking about Pioneer spirit, just focusing on economic efficiency.
He thought that the space industry would increase very fast. And there are some other his favorite items that mostly are in recent high tech industry. On some part of that I agree, and some part of that I need to study more.

I do not have any clear criteria yet on investment, so maybe I haven’t earned enough money. And some experience on stock, fund and some of coins. I think I have some view and insight on business and future since I study some industry and forecast everyday doing my strategic works.
But I am very lazy person, so haven’t thought so much about my own investment.

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After the meeting with my friend, I have had a question. The talk ignited something.
“What is the most important factor to decide your investment for your coin or stock”
Maybe every personnel have different criteria and view based on their experience, relationship and circumstance.
“So how do select your coin in terms of investment?

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