Total Shaving Set Delivery Service

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I have 2 razors, but a bit old and looks very classic.
So one of my friend recommend me to buy new one.
But I didn’t care so much on my razor. I thought that razor is enough if it could shave my beard. That’s it.

So ne of my friend gave me a present that is a sort of shaving total set delivery service.
One day, it arrived at my home inside fancy rectangular box like apple iphone.

Inside the box, there were razor and some razor blades.
and regarding customer shaving freqquency, the service company deliver blades regulary and give an instrction how to shave well and efficiently.

Wow. it was so fresh and something that I didn’t think of.
And it’s very cheap and good quality.
The blade are made in Germany and the design is so fancy.


Maybe it would not be easy game to fight with razor giant, Gillette and Schick. But I would like to give the founder my good words and applause for their frontier mind.

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