HIVE Atomic Swap Protocol

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I read an article of what is about HIVE atomic swap protocol.
@disregardfiat seems to prepare this project.
I am not a professional on this concept and relevant software engineering, but it may be almost HIVE version of Uni Swap protocol.

The link to “We're not in Kansas anymore!”

As far as I understand, the project may try to make it possible trading HIVE and its HIVE-engine token that may be called “Layer 2 token” in the project.
Now the project seems to be the stage of funding to develop Hive DAO. I hope it will be succeed for Hive blockchain and its community.
My low level of understanding may make others confused, so please let me know if there are any misunderstanding.

I found the website for this project relevant one.
DLUX seems to be the name of this protocol token. Very interesting things are going on. VR looks also one of the concept of this project.




As far as I understand, this protocol DLUX is a sort of bridge to connect HIVE/HBD with its sub tokens and other blockchain ecology.
There may be some key points and concepts and then need to prepare many technical support and developments.
Nodes to connect each ecologies and liquidity enough to run smoothly that need much investment in early stage.

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The DLUX protocol allows for a great many things. Basically, what is being worked on now is a decentralized node system that allows for peer-to-peer token swap similar to Uniswap. Right now, it is testing with HIVE, DLUX, and I think HBD.

In the future, any application will be able to use the protocol for their own token. This means that LEO could set it up to swap LEO for HIVE or whatever it chooses.

This is only a piece of what is possible with what is being developed. I voted for the proposal and hope others do also.

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It’s cool.
In 2020, crypto market has been driven by some of major trends that Defi has been most remarkable one.
Uni swap and recently 1inch are so hot so that we can see so many scams even in many other crypto communities.
I hope DLUX protocol would be successfully launched and work smoothly internally first and in parallel it would be required to swap with other blockchain token to survive and develop more.
These days I am looking at a bit more deeply on defi trends and the logical structure. if I have any helpful ideas from other sources, I will let you know.