Ethereum Gas Fee

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Ethereum Gas fee is so high now.
Even though I do not have frequent Ethereum transaction, the high gas cost give me so much burden that makes me hesitate to do something in Ethereum ecology.
This high fee may come from recent rocket-high ETH price increase.


Recently I sent and received some ETH via wallet trying to trial investment in DeFi. After just one traction, I was shocked so much. The transaction cost was highest one in my life including bank transaction. Even when I sent foreign currency to my friends overseas, the cost was so much less than this gas fee.
So I though that I had made some mistakes scanning my transaction records in detail several times. But I did normally, no wrong points.

source: coin98

source: twitter

Somebody say that Ethereum 2.0 may resolve this issue so we would not have this matter anymore in 2.0 ecology. But there are some sarcastic views on this saying that Ethereum 2.0 would not be able to resolve all, maybe we should wait for 3.0 version.
Through twitter and internet communities, we can see a variety of ideas and opinions even though most of opinions are not validated or carefully mentioned.
Many alternative coins such as Tomo, IOTA, SOL, DOT, EOS are being mentioned which may have lower or no gas fee.
Some of internet users may have the intention that just try to promote the coins that they own a lot or preference with whatever reason basement.

Are there really no way to reduce this cost in recent blockchain?
I would be very rare to spend over $3,000 for gas fee like the picture above. My transaction is always not so much.
But compared with conventional bank or other coins’ transactions, ETH transaction fee is clearly much burden and uncomfortable.

I still do not have clear insight or knowledge about Ethereum ecology. So not sure what function the gas gee is doing.
Now I am curious how Ethereum would evolve reflecting some improvement points and trying to make up its weakness.

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And that is why i hate everything to do with Eth. I hope someday that more people see the potential of building on hive with it's fast and free transactions.
I can't understand why anybody would build on Eth as a long term and scalable app when it just won't work. I know it has the price and the users but it doesn't have the tech to grow a business on or scale to mass adoption.

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Yes, ETH has a lot of obstacles to be very nice blockchain. Maybe it is a first taker in crypto world, so it have had the advantage.
In technical view, Hive seems to be a lot advanced, I believe in it. Step by step going forward I hope Hive would get good fruit in terms of investment and good human being society.

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If hive does become successful we are in a great position now to stock up on tokens. At these prices it's hard not to keep building with all the big projects coming down the line.

Yes, this is the time to prepare to jump on the next level. Compared with BTC ,ETH and other well prepared altcoins, Hive’s increase seems to be smaller. But having more time to prepare basement, oneday it could be succesful.

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