ETH Wallet/ MEW and Metamask Syncronization

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As I trade some of my coins and get used to crypto world, I realize it would be very hard to avoid using and utilizing ETH or ERC-20 tokens as ETH and its children tokens already spread wide in this crypto world and many users are there.

So I also started to use some of ETH wallet to do DeFi trials. I think MEW and Metamask are the ones that ETH users have used long time and popular. And Tokenpocket seems to be one of rising popular wallet recently. If I am not correct, please anyone let me know.

So I searched ETH wallets through internet that are now available.
There are a variety of ETH wallets such as Ledger, Trezor, MEW, Metamask, Tokenpocket and Coinbasewallet etc. just one website introduces 24 different wallets there. Maybe we can find other wallets somewhere.


I would like to have that sort of wallet that keep(manage) a variety of different coins in one place, support dapps and have high security. But now the number of wallets is so high and it’s very hard for me to know which one is better and what coins could be managed in.
If I do not care the number wallet and the efficiency, I may have a variety of different coin wallets in my chrome browser and my home ground of desktop.
Someday I hope one powerful integration wallet could cover all that supports a variety of blockchains while do not forget the core value of decentralization.
Maybe it is already beside me, but I may not know.

Anyone who use MEW and Metamask could sync two wallets.

Sync Metamask account in MEW

  1. Open Metamask extension in Chrome
  2. Open and then click “Access my wallet”
  3. Select MEW CX and then Metamask account will be opened in MEW


Sync MEW account in Metamask

  1. In MEW, open setting - export configuration

  2. Export JSON file

  3. In Metamask, import JSON. You can see the import button if you click the account circle.

  4. But you may encounter an error message. The exported Json is V2 format. So it is required to convert it to V3 and then import to Metamask.

  5. Download geth to convert JSON file and import to Metamask
    Converting V2 JSON File

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