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Recently we see crypto market rally that Bitcoin and Ethereum lead that first and then other altcoins have followed up in rapid increasing trend.

In this bullish market, there are many new trials especially from DeFi field and many competitors have appreared while presenting competitive coins/ tokens, exchange or new concept services etc.
So at least for me, It’s very hard just to know what things there are now while not understanding all of the structure, the real core value or reliability.
It takes much time just knowing the concept or a few technical matter.


In my daily busy life, I search crypto new trends and information through Steem community or other internet medias. But it is not easy even just to visit some new services understanding what it is in very limited daily life.
If I am just a retired man having much free time, it may be better on consuming enough time to study many new things and trying to experience.
But generally most of crypto investors or the people who are interested in this new trend cannot spend much time doing their daily works and household matters.


In my case, I spend time just visiting a few DEX and trying to do trials injecting a few money to understand how to operate technically and if it is reliable or not and just APY.
Yes, I am getting used to it.
But still many things are not perfectly matured. Most of them are still under development having some potential errors. So it takes some time to use that in terms of my real intention.

If I spend 2 or 3 hours to study some concept or get used to an application, I cannot do any other thing. It becomes already 12:00 a.m.

Fortunately, I love to study and experience new things and prefer the concept of decentralization.
And I believe that it could give human more a variety of new trends and lead to new world that we all validate and trade all things each other without centralized powerful authority.
But it is also true that many things we need to know and study.

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