My Sinterlands collection worth more then $900.....

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Hello all @splinterlands friends...

Its more then two year I am playing the game. I must say I am enjoying the game so much. I srated the game with one delegated account from @rentmoney and till date Inam playing that account. Afterwards I purchase a starter pack and start playing with my own account. At that time I never give a thought that my Splinterlands collection will grow so much. I have checked today on Splinterlands discord bot and come to know that the total worh of my collection in @guurry123 account os more then $900... wow its amazing....


Total number of cards in collection is 3247 and out of that 66 are legendary...

Most valuable card in the collection in my collection is MERMAID HEALER, at present trading at more then $46... is this card worth so much... in market only 5 cards are in sale.


I can see their is rapid change in the price of the cards. Recently I sold my Gold Foil Dice Summoner QID YUFF for $9.5
All the Gold Foil Dice Summoner are on fire at present..


what is your opinion?

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