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Hello friends...
Some days ago I have posted about the two amazing promotional offers form HUSTLER & HUSTLERM tokens.

First What is Hustler Token

The official token of the Hive Hustlers community on the Hive blockchain. $HUSTLER enables the user to use their tokens to earn discounts on transaction fees and product prices on various eCommerce sites, such as and marketplace (coming soon).

Team has announced about an amazing offer for those who has some spare HP and delegate to them.

Source @hivehustlers

Previously - For every 1xHP Delegated, delegater earn 0.325 $HUSTLER per day.
so if you delegated 100HP, you'd earn 32.5 $HUSTLER tokens a day

But now they the revised the same and offering 15x token for every 1HP, which means now for every 100HP you will earn 487.5 $HUSTLER per day. Which is amazing.

I have already delegate the 100 HP. Check the $HUSTLER token I received -


Other promotional offers :-

$HUSTLERM miner token bonus

HUSTLERM staking is also comes with benefit.
Staking $HUSTLERM Miner Tokens = "Discord Club Levels"


50 Club - stake 50+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 1 x $HUSTLERM token/month bonus (liquid + direct)

100 Club - stake 100+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 3 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month bonus (staked) + 1000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)

250 Club - stake 250+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 10 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month bonus (staked) + 5000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)

500 Club - stake 500+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 25 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month bonus (staked) + 15000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)

1K Club - stake 1000+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 75 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month bonus (staked) + 35000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)
50% off HiveHustlers T-Shirt (choice of size/color/gender) from

2.5K Club - stake 2500+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 225 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month bonus (staked) + 100000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)
1 FREE HiveHustlers T-Shirt (choice of size/color/gender) from

5K Club - stake 5000+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 500 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month (staked) + 250000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)
1 FREE HiveHustlers T-Shirt (choice of size/color/gender) from
1 FREE HiveHustlers Hoodie (to be released, choice of size/color/gender) from

Check here the offical post link

Official Discord:

To check the current price of HUSTLER & HUSTLERM token clik on below links

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