What is The Hive Builder Project? And Why I Invested 100 HIVE in HBT token??

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Hey All;

This is for the first time that I'm investing in the HBT token. I have been hearing all good things about the Hive Builder project. So thought of investing close to 100 HIVE in this project HBT.


HBT is the token for the Hive Builder project and is traded on Hive-Engine. Following is the snapshot of the transaction of HBT token;

Currently, the project is in Phase #2, and in the first batch, they had placed a sell order of 5000 HBT via account @hivebuilder Selling 1 HBT for 1 HIVE.

People who had placed Buy orders for 1 HIVE got their orders executed and now have placed their sell order higher than 1 HIVE with a maximum of 1.5 as this is the maximum price for which the HIVE Builder team would be buying back the HBT token.

Here is the Excerpt which is taken from the Hive Builder Website which clearly states not buying the HBT token greater than 1 HIVE

We strongly advise not to purchase HBT at more than 1 Hive price.


Ideally, a person shouldn't be Buying this HBT token for a price higher than 1 HIVE. If anyone is buying it then he or she doesn't know about the project specifics/model. And are buying at their own risk without knowing the project details and could simply lose their hard-earned money. Hence it's always imperative to do a bit of research before investing in any project and they say is DYOR.. DO Your Own Research.

HIVE Builder Project In a NutShell

Buy at 1x HIVE and Sell at 1.5x HIVE. This means you buy the HBT token for 1 HIVE and then via. the Buy-Back Program the HBT team would be buying back the token for 1.5 HIVE.

This time I bought these HBT tokens in Phase#2 for a price of 1 HIVE per HBT token and did place its sell bid for 1.5 HIVE per HBT token. And the same can be depicted in the following image::


Once you have bought the HBT token, immediately place its sell order, ranging from 1.1 to 1.5. Based on the profit you are looking for you can place the sell order bid. But bear in mind the maximum price for the buy-back of HBT token is 1.5 HIVE

Time Lines of BuyBack...

Buy-Back of the tokens are run weekly. Based on the income generated via. the different method. The project uses that income to BuyBack the HBT token on weekly basis. Following are some of the methods/ways that the HBT team leverages to generate income::

  1. This time in phase#2 they are using the funds for Physical Mining Investment
  2. 75% Off-site Staking; income generated to buyback HBT token and burn them
  3. Building HIVE Power; 20% Hive Power-up

For more information refer Hive Builder Project details HERE

What Profit % I'm looking FOR

I'm looking somewhere close to 50% profit here. I've made an investment of 100 HIVE and have the sell order of 100 HBT tokens for 150 HIVE. I'm not sure when the order will get fulfilled and if it does then this investment will give to 50% profit. Which I think is pretty impressive. Hoping for the best. So let's see how long it takes for my sell order to be executed.. awaiting NOW for the BuyBack...

Have Your Say...

Did hear about this HBT project? Did you invest in Phase 1 and how was your experience like. Let me know your views in the comment box below.

Best Regards

PS:- None of the above is a FINANCIAL Advice. Please DYOR; Do your own research. I had an interest in the HBT project and hence bought some of HBT tokens; that's iT.

PS:: Image Credits:: hivebuilder; hive-engine

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Awesome explanation on the token, how it works and what to do and more important what not to do lol
I cant believe we still have to say DYOR surely by now people would just do that anyway but it is surprising how many people dont

hmm i am really curious about this, i don't get how they sell for 100 and they buy back for 150. guess i have to do my research

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