What Happens to LEO token Price - When LBI token Goes Live on 7th December

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Hey All;

I stumbled upon this article - LBI Token Goes Live In 5 Days. So precisely on the 7th of December 2020, the LBI (Leo Backed Investment) token will go on sale.


In order to participate in the Sale, a person would need to send their LEO tokens to @lbi-token account. And for every LEO sent the person gets 1 LBI token for it. Hence if you send 100 LEO tokens to @lbi-token you get 100 LBI tokens for it.


So this was all about the LBI token SALE. Let's come back to the main question::

How the Price of LEO token PLAYs here with the SALE

As of date if you carefully look at the LEO token liquidity. We have close to 418K Liquid LEO available for trade. I'm not considering the numbers associated with LEO token power-down, powerups & reward payouts. Let's stick to this number of liquid LEO that is available as of now is 418K LEO tokens.

With all the buzz and momentum that is being built up for the LBI token SALE. Let's assume some investment figures for our example purpose and come to the conclusion where the LEO token price can go from HERE.

Total LEOs send to @lbi-token account = 100K
Current LEO Liquidty = 418K LEO

Since the LBI project and its token is backed by LEO. Which means that 100K LEO tokens will be staked as stated in the LBI token core missions is to stake LEO tokens.

LBI tokens core mission will be to stake LEO, invest into LEO miners and take part in the wLEO LP on uniswap further down the road.

Hence with our example of 100K LEO investment that is coming the circulating supply of the LEO tokens further decreases and the new circulating supply would be close to around 417K LEO tokens.

Applying the Demand & Supply Rule

Already the demand for the LEO token is high and the same can be depicted from its trading volume chart & the price at which the LEO token is trading.


The price of the LEO token in October 2020 was trading at 1.5 HIVE for 1 LEO token and now the price of 1 LEO token is trading close to 2.0 HIVE for 1 LEO token. So what we are seeing here is that there is a demand for the token and at the same time the price is skyrocketing with all the developments that are taking place consistently.


Check the above Volume graph; which showcases the HIVE.swaped for LEO tokens. A higher amount of HIVE is being spent as indicated in the Purple Bar chart to get a lesser amount of LEO tokens observed in the Yellow Bar chart. A clear indication that the price of the LEO token is on an upward swing and continues to surge slowly and gradually.

With close to 100K LEO tokens liquidity taken away and that much of LEO tokens staked. The buying pressure of the LEO token is further going to Built-up. And when the demand is higher than the supply the price automatically surges; that's the simple Demand & Supply Rule.

Higher the Demand & Lower the Supply; Price Surges & VIce-Versa.

Definitely, we are going to see a SPIKE in the LEO tokens price in near future. But the real question is; How much of a SPIKE we could see? As far as I see, we could see a SPIKE in price between 20% to 30%.

Currently, 1 LEO is being traded 2.044000 HIVE. So if we take the current price of 2.04 HIVE as the base price then 20% here would mean 2.448 HIVE

Base Price 2.04 HIVE

20% Higher = 2.448 HIVE [2.0420/100 = 0.408]+ 2.04 = 2.448
30% Higher = 2.448HIVE [2.04
30/100 = 0.612]+ 2.04 = 2.652

Now even if we take the average of both the numbers that we see for 20% and 30% SPIKE. We still see the price of the LEO token trading at close to 2.550 HIVE for 1 LEO token.

This is all my maths and I may be wrong as well. Time will tell the exact price in another 3 more days to go for the LBI token to go LIVE. I hope and pray for the best to come out for both these tokens LBI and LEO.

So are You Investing in the LBI token SALE

The simple & straight forward Answer is YES. I'll be investing in the LBI token and I plan to invest close to 300+ LEO tokens.

Have Your Say...

What are your thoughts on the LEO token price? Where can it go from here? Are you also investing in this project that is named LBI? Let me know your views in the comment box below.

Best Regards

PS:- None of the above is a FINANCIAL Advice. Please DYOR; Do your own research. I have an interest in the LBI token. Have also invested in the LEO tokens; & will continue to do so.

PS:: Image Courtesy:: leofiance,leodex,

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Nice, That you have decided to invest in LBI. I will say if it looks it is not working then you can easily cash out but if it really get big then you might regret for not investing in it at start.

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To be frank this investment is totally inspired by you dear @r1s2g3. Absolutely right if it doesn't work out, we always have the option to cash out. But looking at the history and the success of the SPI; I see a bright future ahead with LEO. And more over LEO is doing much better than HIVE. Thanks once again for your post on the LBI token as well. Cheers.

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Thanks for your candid opinion.

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Interesting speculation, but I'm not sure what holding the LBI's will do for the holder, can you please expatiate on that. Thanks

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thanks dear for stopping by. there are a lot of things planned for the LBI token HODLers. From the dividends paid to weekly to reinvest in the fund to enhance the value of the LBI tokens..there are many benefits that an LBI HODLer gets. check the link for detailed information associated with it.

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I just went through it and wow....thanks for the link

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Thanks for the info. I dunno about it honestly. I think it will make an impact for LEO Price

Anyway, what LBI token useful for?

Yes, for sure it's going to make an impact on the LEO price as every LBI token is backed by LEO token. And as per the LBI team statement, all the investment that comes in will be used to stake LEO tokens and buy LEO miners etc. check this link and you shall get a decent understanding of the usefulness of the LBI token.


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Totally , LEO will increase in price for sure after LBI comes into action and I have already converted my HIVE to LEO just to participate in LBI . LBI is the second SPI so it is really a no brainer for me to buy it .

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