LBRY Credits LBC On RISE; Price went from $0.7 to $0.13 & Rising Know WHY?

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Hey All;

I've been shilling about this token LBC for a long time now. I started following this project aka Odysee when it used to trade in the range of $0.02 cents. Have a look at the recent chart for the LBC token its pumping and will continue to do so coz. there is something very exciting feature coming to LIVE...



YES; its the LIVE Streaming Feature that's Coming IN

Check the following tweet from the OdyseeTeam with respect to testing of the LIVE streaming feature in testing mode and it's all looking good as of now.


The LIVE Streaming feature had been on the to-do list for a long time and now we see that coming SOON on and Odysee both.

Recently LBRY has been getting a lot of attraction and is a perfect place to be if you are looking for a platform that promotes FREE Speech and is Censorship resistant. There is more to LBRY and cannot be said in words until you experience it yourself.

I've been using the platform since June 2020. And ever since have been in love with the technology and have been earning LBC its currency daily via the rewards program. I joined the platform via their Youtube partner program and this was how I entered and came to know about LBRY.

Joining LBRY Youtube partner program was the wise decision that I took and at the same time, this synced my HealthDear Youtube channel to LBRY. So when I post my HealthDear videos on Youtube it directly goes to as well and I earn LBCs for each view.

US President Donald Trump Youtube Channel Sync. on Odysee

Enough of me shilling about my history and association with & coming back to the main topic of the recent pump to the LBC token.


I'm sure you all might have heard this news with Twitter suspending @realDonaldTrump Twitter account. This news raised a lot of questions and at the same time there was this news where the Odysee team announced that Pres Trump's channel is now on Odysee and is protected in the public interest.

This is not political, we're just doing our job. Our responsibility is to the people, not wall st or #bigtech.

LBRY/Odysee has been gaining a lot of attraction recently and this has turned to be very positive on the LBC price which has surged almost 100% in just mere 10 days' time. With LIVE stream round the corner, I do expect the price to pump further and it may even cross $0.20 soon..surely it's coming. In case you still don't HODL any LBCs, I guess it's the right time to just explore and see if you can invest in this upcoming and promising project.

Have Your Say...

Are you on LBRY? If Yes then how are Your LBCs earnings looking like? Are you spreading the word HIVE/LEO on LBRY? How has your experience been with LBRY so far??

Best Regards

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PS:- None of the above is a FINANCIAL Advice. Please DYOR; Do your own research. I have an interest in the LBRY platform, bought some LBC tokens, staked them, and have been creating content on the LBRY platform..that's iT..

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So Trump learnt about decentralization in hard way.

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Yes; he did learn it the hard way.. Imagine if he would have been the president at this point of time..where the price of the LBRY; LBC token would have been..But still, it's in a good position to surge in the near future as it's a place and an alternative to Youtube..a direct competition and emerging technology are positioned to succeed no doubt about it.. Did you happen to explore LBRY/Odysee.. Use my referral link and this should get you 8 LBCs to start with.. Cheers

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LBRY is taking the leader position of a crypto alternative to Youtube. Large userbase, kinda working websites and a coin that apperantly has some value!

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Yes; it is a direct competition to Youtube. People who get banned now have a place here on Also, its token LBC has a decent value.. with more people joining LBRY in no time the price is gonna be $1 pretty soon. Cheers

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Yes; it is a direct competition to Youtube. People who get banned now have a place here on Also, its token LBC has a decent value.. with more people joining LBRY in no time the price is gonna be $1 pretty soon. Cheers

Yes feels like Youtube is slowly killing itself by removing more and more creators and demonetize people for no reasons

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