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RE: My Crypto Journey Part Two: How I eventually ended up on Hive, then Leo

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Great to read. We have some things in common.

I started on youtube in 2014 and heard a lot of this bitcoin thing. Alos I heard that some exchanges (that part I did not understand ) were hacked and lost 200 million USd or maybe JPY?? That withholded me I think and I was lucky as I was already financially!

PS My wife has beautifull dog coins!

That would be the Mt. Gox Exchange Hack. I thought about that when I entered the Crypto fray. And that's what spooks me about exchanges. No protection is ever perfect.
Why I keep a bulk of my coin in my wallets and Off-line.

I think I watched a video commentary of the Hack from a Channel called Brotherjohnf.
Thanks for dropping in on my Journey story @goldrooster

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