Team Liquid Is Tokenizing Their Best Fans

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While I think "Tokenize the Web" sounds a little silly, I think we just got our first glimpse of what that could mean. If you don't follow E-Sports or League of Legends you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, but it sounds like Team Liquid is trying to "tokenize" their fans.

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Web Analytics

If you have never created your own website or didn't know Twitter and Google have Analytics you can access to learn more about your audience.

It can provide information such as how many views your webpage or Tweet has, how long people have stayed on your website and what pages they accessed, how many people retweeted your tweet, the age/sex/gender of your audience.


For the casual person, this doesn't mean much, but to someone who is trying to monetize their content, this can be valuable information on when to produce content, what type of content you should create, and what business you could reach out to for advertising on your platform.

If you're using several blogging sites or promoting your content on several different social mediate sites this can get very confusing as you'll have multiple analytics sites that you'll have to keep up with.

All In One Tokenizer and Analytics

Now imagine you have a one-stop-shop for all the information. You can now see who is your overall #1 biggest fan across multiple platforms and see your #1 fan on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, etc.


Now, you can not only reach out to these people and begin to recognize them for all the support they are giving you over the months/years, you can actually start rewarding some of these people.

For every retweet you get 2 Gnik tokens, commenting on a social media platform 0.1 tokens, attending a live stream 10 tokens, subscribing to my YouTube channel 100 tokens.


Then you can set goals like once you get 100,000 Gnik tokens you can join my private discord for my "VIP fans", we can play a game on stream 1v1 for 30 minutes, you get 10% off the annual cost of my weekly newsletter or whatever.

The point is you get to learn about your audience on a deeper level and you get to reward them with however you feel is the best way to set-up your reward system.

Good for Sports Teams and Players

As Steve, the owner of Team Liquid points out not only does the sports teams get a better understanding of who their biggest fans are, but it can also help the individual players.

Reach 100 hours of watching your favorite player steam you get a free shout out on stream, Reach 1000 hours of watching your favorite player stream and retweet 10 of his tweets, you get to have a virtual meeting with him.

This would be huge for me as a professional sports player. Not only would this allow me to better understand who my biggest fans are, but think of all the free promotion this will allow for my brand.

This encourages fans to go from just "creeping" on social mediate sites to actually start interacting with those they follow either through likes, comments, or sharing their information.

License or Decentralize

I really hope that Team Liquid either License this software, or other teams buy the software from the creator and begin to implement this as well.

I also hope that a decentralized version of this is created as well. Maybe not the token generation side, but the analytics and smart contracts side that way rewards can automatically be distributed based on pre-set conditions.


It will be interesting to see how this plays out because even Steve admits in the video that this can easily be abused and have tried to set-up security in which should prevent it, but are only opening the program up for Beta.

I was not able to get in the Beta, but I am hoping that I can get in when they reopen sign-ups in December to see exactly how this program works and to hear in the future how successful Team Liquid thinks it is.


I have absolutely no interest in tokenizing the web. And don’t understand why anyone feels it needs to be “tokenized” tbh. Maybe I’m not hip enough...; Justine (@MsHodl) August 12, 2020

I would love to hear your thoughts down below on how successful you think this program will be and if you think this is the next step in "tokenizing" the web?

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#posh #hive. Really wish twitter had an edit button. Maybe I just need to spend a second proofing before I hit Tweet.

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While I hate the term myself. I think it will be the future but people are not going get rich over night from it. They will be lucky to get a few cents here or there for the most part.

Yeah I'm sure it won't be much or be some sort of save up your points and buy a "lottery" ticket and 1 person wins a trip to the esports center once a year or something like that, but something is better than nothing.

Unrelated. I have followed your curation trail ^^ Lets see how amazing it is :p

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