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I was watching another Rudy video aka Alpha Investments on YouTube and he was talking about how frustrated he was with how fragmented the Magic the Gathering community and how he wished it would be more cohesive like Wall Street Bets


Hive Fixes This

After watching that video it makes me realize what a terrible marketing slogan Hive fixes this is. How would you feel if you just lost hours and years of your life's work over something you had little or no control of? How would you then feel if some stranger on the internet comes along and says hey hive fixes this?

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Honestly, I would tell that person to go fly a kite if I was having a good day and probably something a little more potty mouth if I was having a bad day. I couldn't care less about your project I've never heard of, because I doubt it can get back the hours of content that was instantly deleted on my YouTube channel can it?

I do believe Hive is a solution to this issue because once your content is published on the blockchain no one can delete it and it can't be removed. I do also believe Hive has a lot of issues and problems that need to be addressed before Hive can actually compete with the bigger centralized social media sites as well.


I also believe taking the tactic of, "Hey man I heard your account was unfairly shut down and I really enjoyed watching/reading it. Is there something I can do to get said account back or show some support?" While this won't onboard the masses, developing that relationship and getting them interested in the project you're a part of over the long term does than a single Tweet that's absolutely no help to their current problem.

Crypto is a Divisive Community

Rudy goes on to talk about how much of a divisive community that Magic the Gathering currently is and that in spite of their success, it's a huge issue that's holding back the community. If Wizards of the Coast and Magic aren't careful that Pokemon, or another trading card game could take the TCG spotlight away from Magic long term.

I feel like crypto suffers from similar issues. Oh, look at that guy that made fun of Bitcoin a few years ago. He did something and lost his keys or left his Bitcoin on an exchange that was hacked and lost thousands of dollars, what an idiot. You invest in something besides Bitcoin, I am a Bitcoin maxi, have fun staying poor.

XRPthestandard. If you invest in anything besides XRP your coin is going to 0 because it's not fast and free like we are. Why invest in an NFT when you can just screenshot the same image and not have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars. Bitconnect, well I think we can all agree to hate on Bitconnect was and still is the right thing to do.


I do understand some of the hate that goes around in the community. I'm still baffled by some of the hate that LeoFinance received for doing a good job at marketing their product. There is a lot of money and pride at stake, but I think sometimes it goes a little overboard or a lot of energy is focused on something that's a very minor issue. Why can't we spend more time growing the entire community as a whole instead of hating on everything that's not our project?


I haven't spent too much time on the WallStreetBets community, but Rudy talks about one of the things that makes that community special is how they embrace everyone. #oneofus.

They don't care who you are or where you're from, WallStreetBets tells you, you're one of us. That's like one of their favorite lines and it's incredible in the error of 2021.

Steem and Hive both have some people on here that like to enforce unspoken rules. Post your content on another platform, use a bid bot to try and get your post seen by others, or simply too hard for upvotes, no upvotes and possibly downvoting your post to oblivion. We can debate all day if Hive is better off with or without these people, but it's still one less person on/using the platform.


LeoFinance has done a great job of trying to be a welcoming community in my opinion. They've always been encouraging of those looking to make great content and trying to help onboard people posting on other platforms on the LeoFinance platform. I think they do a very good job of being a #oneofus type community.

I think a #oneofus type mantra would be much better for #Hive. Got banned on social media you're #oneofus. Got taken advantage of in a crypto rug pull or an ICO that cut and run, #oneofus and come tell us how you feel. Lost your private keys and $1000 of dollar worth of Bitcoin, no worries, we have some people that have some tips that can help prevent this in the future, #oneofus. Want to talk about some projects that others in crypto give you a hard time about? Come tell us about it #oneofus.

Hard Work

Obviously, developing relationships and trying to get more people interested in Hive is a lot more hard work than just posting some tweets on Twitter. As @enjar pointed out in my last article talk is cheap. I do think a lot of good work has and continues to go on to develop our presence on Twitter.

I'm just saying I think it's time to develop those relationships and start being more welcoming of those in the crypto community and beyond. Hive has it's own unique problems just like every other social media platform. Instead of pointing out the spec in someone elses eye when we have the 2x4 in ours, why can't we welcome everyone as #oneofus?

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