Eating the Elephant One Bite at a Time

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One thing I struggle with is sticking with a big project to the very end. Even with reading long books it seems like I’ll make it 90% of the way through and loose interest at the very end just before it’s completed.

Doing a Little Bit Every Day

I’m one of those people that once he starts a project I like to get it done and focus only on that. I like to put all other jobs are responsibilities on hold which is not always possible.


I’ve learned it’s better on long term projects to put an hour or so aside every day and to set a smaller goal of just getting a certain part of the job done.

This way I can still feel like I’m getting something accomplished without feeling like I need to get the entire thing done in one sitting.

Reprioritizing my Projects

Once something hits the 90% complete on my list it never seems to get back to the top of the priority list so it can be completed.

I’m not sure if I’m afraid to complete it because then others will say it’s bad or I just have some sort of mental block, but this is definitely something I can work on.


After all, why even start the race if you never have plans on finishing it and just spend your life jumping around from one unfinished race to the other?

Feeling Fomo

Fomo is definitely one thing I have been struggling with recently wishing I had more money to put into more collectibles, stock, and crypto.


In the end though, I really just need to stick with my trading plan and figure out how I can improve that rather than just jumping from one pump to another trying to chase the “quick and easy” money.

My plan has worked well so far and instead of ruining my plan and loosing money, I need to keep going down the path that has served me well so far.

All Over the Place

I know this post was a little all over the place, but I am trying to write more and finish what I started.

Would love to hear in the comments down below what you use to help tackle large projects and stay on task?

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Fomo is a thing, it takes real guts to hold it together.....

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Gotta have those diamond hands.

I understand completely when you say you get 90% done and then lose interest. In positive news you did do 90% of it though, that's most of the hard work! I find that I stay on task better when I am passionate about something. Just keep working on what brings you the most joy!

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Thanks this is something I'm trying to make more time for. Working on what I love is something I need to make more time for.

You can do it!

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