DEFI Coming to Hive

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I'm super excited to see that Defi is coming to Hive in some form of fashion. I'm just now getting caught up, but from the way it sounds Hive-Engine has already taken steps to decentralize.


Liquidity "Diesel" Pools

If anyone reading this has a better understanding of what is going on then I do feel free to correct me, but it sounds like liquidity pools are coming to Hive-Engine and they will be flexible in the way the rewards can be set-up and distributed.

I'm really looking forward to this as I was planning on checking out Binances Smart Chain over the next few months because Ethereum gas fees are absolutely insane. I feel like I'm getting left behind in crypto, at least in the DeFi space, because I don't have enough capital to make it worthwhile.


With Diesel Pools coming to Hive-Engine, hopefully, I'll get a taste of the excitement of DeFi and some of the passive income it offers while saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Adding Ethereum to the Platform

I'm also intrigued with the plans on

adding ethereum to the platform, ERC20s, the ability to wrap Hive Engine tokens onto Ethereum and interact with uniswap, and we're making our own version of Uniswap style liquidity pools called Diesel pools so you'll be able to incentive people to make liquidity pools and pay them with your token. Source

I'm hopeful this also means Hive will be a base pair for swapping to ERC20 tokens as well. I don't know if that means that ERC20 peg tokens will be traded or native ERC20 tokens, but the ability to easily trade Hive for ERC20 projects is exciting to be able to do with little to no fees without having to send my funds to a centralized exchange.

This is also exciting in that it will hopefully keep more Hive funds off of centralized exchanges thus preventing an exchange-type takeover that was accomplished pretty easily on the other project. While still allowing me to have a high degree of freedom in the number of projects I can swap in and out of.

Defi, NFTs in One Place and Hopefully More Tribes

With the announcement of all this, it looks like everything is moving to Tribaldex. This looks like the place that will be the one-stop-shop for most all things Hive.

I really like that they're bringing all the NFTs into one place so those that are creating NFTs, tokenizing photographs, and trading in-game cards/rewards will have one place to go to search and track their ownership and sell their goods.


I really hope they continue to clean up the Hive-Engine DEX UI so that it starts to feel more and more like Uniswap or a Centralized Exchange such as Binance or Bittrex. I also hope this encourages some more people to develop more tribes on Hive and we see more competition with LeoFinance, Palnet, Neoxian, and so on.

Getting Started and Supporting Hive-Engine

@aggroed has a lot of great tips in the articles that he's written recently.

Especially how to get started creating your own tribe and what's coming up next for the development of Hive-Engine and the decentralized network and finally how you can help support the development

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Super excited for Hive-engine

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Couldn't agree more. Hive-engine will make defi accessible to everyone in crypto, not just those that can afford the current eth fees. After reading the plans/updates makes me more bullish on Hive than I think I have ever been.

Interesting things are coming....I had the same feeling about being left out, but with hive, it will be nice try out free transactions

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I am bullish that all the work hive-engine has been doing is going to bring in some much wanted new people. It would be nice if we had some more people making noise about hive outside of hive about the sidechian.

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This is cool but the problem of high gas fees for Defi is already well and truly sorted. The solution is already there, AKA Wanchain but nobody cares to see it (Yet). Herd mentality springs to mind.