5 Reasons to be Grateful for Bitcoin and Crypto

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I know their is a lot of negativity going on with COVID 19, political turmoil, economic uncertainty, and the list could go on. I wanted to take a second and go over some things I’m thankful for in crypto and beyond.


Regardless of how expensive and slow Bitcoin transactions can be, I have confidence that it will continue to increase in value because of its consistency and security as more and more people use it and adopt it.


I don’t need it to do anything fancy as I’m just slowly stacking sats a little everyday and slowly getting closer to my 1 Bitcoin goal. I’m happy to let it just sit in a wallet and act like a savings account that is immune to government/central bank inflation.

To have this kind of economic freedom feels amazing. I’m not one of those hoping for economic collapse so that Bitcoin becomes the one currency, but just happy with owning a little to diversify my retirement account.

Blogging for Crypto

I have always wanted to start a side gig and blogging for crypto has become a super easy way to start earning money on the side. While I doubt this will ever be able to replace my main income it has helped to boost my savings and will provide some peace of mind if I ever loose my job.

The top 4 sites I enjoy submitting my content too is hive.blog, leofinance.io, publish0x.com, and read.cash. It’s nice to be able to earn Hive, Leo, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash from posting to these sites and helps diversify my crypto portfolio at the same time.

I would love to start making some videos as well, but just don’t have the time or set up to do so right now. As I stated before the more income I can generate outside my job the more peace about future uncertainty and I’m grateful for that.

Grateful for a Crypto Bull Market

I’ve been sweating thinking that my crypto portfolio hasn’t been performing that well after spending some time on crypto Twitter. I was thinking that I haven’t even broken even yet from all time highs of the last bull market.


To my surprise after pulling up some old trading journals I’m now over 5x where I was during the last bull market. I’m grateful that all the hard work I put in during crypto winter is definitely paying off.

I’m not going to be retiring anytime soon, but it’s nice to be able to start looking at a new laptop or buying a raspberry pit to start staking some crypto on and play around with. I’m a long ways away from a Bitcoin Tesla, but maybe one day it will happen.

Grateful for Crypto Devs

For all those people who are working on legitimate projects behind the scenes and hoping to grow the value of the network I salute you. I’m hoping to do a post soon on all the awesome updates that are coming and have already come to projects on Hive.

Ethereum continues to make progress towards staking, sharing, and all the different improvements for a faster and cheaper network.

I know these people put in a lot of effort behind the scenes and much of it probably goes unnoticed to the average crypto user such as myself, but thank you for helping us work towards a decentralized economy and applications free from decentralized control.

Thankful for my Crypto Family

I’ve met some awesome people online in crypto and hope to meet them in real life one day, but it has been an awesome experience so far.


Just like with any family I know we don’t always get along, but it’s been an awesome journey with some awesome people and that I’m extremely grateful for.

It has been a great escape from all the political and economic chaos that has been going on.

I would love to hear in the comments down below of one reason you’re thankful for crypto so far that I didn’t mention above. Doge tips for the best comments down below.

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Well, I am grateful for crypto because it provides me a steady income. I have been without a job for some time now, however, I have able to cover my bills with the money I make from creating content.

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Awesome tipped almost 1 Doge! Enjoy! Sorry to hear about not having a job though that's definitely a bummer.

Sorry to hear about not having a job though that's definitely a bummer.

Well the cost of living isn't so high here. I can make do of crypto earnings until I find something better.

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