3 Ways to get Free Tendies in Crypto

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Crypto is a giant money printer in which even a blind squirrel has no problem finding a nut. If you want your free chicken tendies then look no further.


Blindly Follow Influencers

Who cares if a project hasn’t been updated in years and is a meme coin. Your hero Elon has tweeted about it several times and is sending it on one of his spaceships to the moon.

What more justification do you need than the world's richest man shilling it on Twitter. Sell your 401k now and go all-in on Dogecoin and retire in a few short years when 1 Doge = $10.

To hell with the fundamentals and the inflation rate of the currency. This is Coinbase Street Bets and if you don’t 100x leverage long on Doge you have paper hands. Have fun staying poor

Paid Trading Groups

Give me your tendies for picking random crypto projects and stand in aw of my genius because what projects aren’t going up in a bull market.

After all I don’t even need to worry about being a good trader. I can just get some friends to join in early and then we’ll not only profit off your monthly fees, but we can then dump on your heads when you all buy the low caps I recommend and move the market 30 - 40% in less than 24 hours.

After all, why just rely on your own trading capabilities for free tendies when you can get a percentage of everyone else’s tendies just for following what you were planning on doing anyways.

Don't Develop a Trading Plan and YOLO All In

Who needs a trading plan right? Just buy whatever is up the most for the day and YOLO all in, Hold it all the way down to 0 because just think of all the gains you'd miss by waiting a few days and doing research on the project.


Don't set a stop loss to minimize the risk. Ride your choice to 0 because you can just wait until the next bull market and take your 1000x gains in the next bull market.

Don't have paper hands and take profit at 100x. Keep those diamond hands and hold for 1000x or bust. After all, if you can't retire by the end of the year, then what are we even doing here? You Only Live Once right? Life on Mars or bust!

This sounds a little more negative than I was hoping for. Was trying for more of a meme-type light-hearted post. If you don't know what you're doing here dollar cost average into Bitcoin and Ethereum and stick a small percent into alts or do what Andreas says and find a way to earn the alts (in his case he says Bitcoin) you love.

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That stop loss is shit in Crypto. Although I don't entirely agree to your points, but I stand on holding to zero, Altseason is gonna be fire and all this paper hands shortselling in the name of trading and cutting profits goan regret it, virtualizing thousands of dollars for diamond hands.

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Nothing wrong with taking profits. Road Bitcoin from 20k all the way to 3k and other alts from all-time highs to lows as well.

Much rather take profit and buy back in at a lower price, or take profit and move money into something I don't own or hasn't pumped yet, but everyone has their own strategy to make them rich.

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Taking profits is good yes, but most of them taking it by panic selling thinking it will dump, that's why they use the stop loss in the first place, They believe it may dump, and that's the Retard. If you don't trust a project then you shouldn't even hop on it in the first place for minor 0.5 - 1% profits, real shit though. Exactly what happened during the surprising BTT bull run, lots of people dumped at ×2 and it soared 400% high, so much loss.

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