The reason why I prefer BSC over the Ethereum network / La razón por la que prefiero BSC sobre la red de Ethereum

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In history we have had fights similar to the one that exists today between Binance coin and Ethereum, being that both offer us something similar in terms of functionality, at the same time they have different features and that are associated with advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to each user to decide on the one they prefer based on what they need.

My preferred network is Binance's for something that I will tell you below, and it refers to the same reason why Westinghouse's alternating current beat Edison's direct current, but also the reason why Playstation beat its competitors in one generation but lost in the next for doing exactly the opposite.

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And the reason is simple, the cost of use, since I have been able to use BSC for several weeks without any problem, but I have not been able to use the Ethereum network because of the cost of moving on that Blockchain, and I understand very well that it has advantages such as decentralization (which is something very important that Ethereum has) that Binance does not have, being something decentralized, but it is something that anyway I do not mind not being able to pay the commissions.

In the same way that I do not care about the horsepower of a Lamborghini because I do not have one, I am not interested in the benefits of Ethereum if I cannot use it, and this is something that should be taken into consideration, because just like me, there are many others who cannot choose because we can only use a Blockchain because it is extremely expensive.

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This is something that should be of interest to Ethereum because we have had several times where a similar fight is repeated and the winning option has always been the least expensive option, because it has more users who can afford it and in this case it would mean more development and more users on the network.

When we have no other option, you can't make comparisons between advantages and disadvantages, since choice would be between using or not using, and not between which one to use, and in my personal case, I will not stop using BSC because it is centralized because it has many benefits and as long as I can't afford the high costs of using Ethereum, I will have no choice but to use BNB, and maybe this is the reason why BSC has become so popular in such a short time, and I personally think that if Ethereum does not correct the big disadvantage it has quickly, it may lose the fight in the long run.

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En la historia hemos tenido peleas parecidas a la que hoy existe entre Binance coin y Ethereum, siendo que ambas nos ofrecen algo parecido en cuanto a funcionalidad, al mismo tiempo que tienen características diferentes y que se asocian a ventajas y desventajas, y depende de cada uno de los usuarios decidir sobre la que prefieren en función a lo que necesitan.

Mi red preferida es la de Binance por algo que les iré comentando a continuación, y se refiere a la misma razón por la que la corriente alterna de Westinghouse le gano a la corriente continua de Edison, pero también la razón por la que Playstation le gano en una generación a sus competidores pero perdió en la siguiente por hacer exactamente lo contrario.

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Y la razon es simple, el costo de uso, ya que he podido usar BSC por varias semanas sin ningún problema, pero no he podido usar la red de Ethereum por el costo de moverme en esa Blockchain, y entiendo muy bien que tiene ventajas como la descentralización (que es algo muy importante que tiene Ethereum) que no tiene Binance al ser algo descentralizado, pero es algo que de todas maneras no me importa al no poder pagar las comisiones.

De la misma manera que no me importan lo caballos de fuerza que tiene un Lamborghini porque no tengo uno, tampoco me interesan los beneficio de Ethereum si no lo puedo usar, y esto es algo que se debe tener en consideración, ya que tal como yo, hay muchos otros más que no podemos elegir porque solo podemos usar una Blockchain porque es sumamente costosa.

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Esto es algo que debe interesarle a Ethereum porque hemos tenido varias veces en que se repite una pelea parecida y la opción ganadora siempre ha sido la opción menos costosa, porque tiene más usuarios que pueden pagarlo y en este caso significaría más desarrollo y más usuarios en la red.

Cuando no tenemos otra opción, no se pueden hacer comparaciones entre ventajas y desventajas, ya que elección seria entre usar o no usar, y no entre cual usar, y en mi caso personal, no voy a dejar de usar BSC por ser centralizado porque tiene muchos beneficios y mientras no pueda pagar los altos costos de usar Ethereum, no tendré otra opción que usar BNB, y tal vez esta es la razón por la que BSC se ha hecho tan popular en tan poco tiempo, y personalmente pienso que si Ethereum no corrige la gran desventaja que tiene con rapidez, puede perder la pelea en el largo plazo.

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Ethereum will fix that problem soon I think in July but the release keeps getting delayed. When ETH 2.0 comes around everything will become way cheaper! The only question at the moment is: Can they deliver? If so I think a lot of people will abandon BSC

We'll have to see what they will be up to, but they have to hurry before its too late, and I mean that way more development is created in BSC, so the amount of users rises a lot

I want a network that has the fees of BSC combined with the decentralization of ETH.

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So do I hahaha