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RE: The Hive Engagement League πŸ†

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Oooo. That's exciting. I won a prize. Thank you @amico . . . and Asher, of course, for compiling the league. 😍

Not sure how I ended up 22nd!

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Because you're awesome!

Ha, ha, ha. That works for me. Ta! 😍

!LUV 1

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Hi @meesterboom, you were just shared some LUV thanks to @gillianpearce. Holding 10 LUV in your wallet enables you to give up to 3 LUV per day, for free. See the LUV in your wallet at or learn about LUV at

Conratulations @gillianpearce!! You won a prize! :))

Thank you Denise! 😍

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