Well that's not Symmetrical at all! Ascending Triangle in BTC-USD.

in LeoFinance4 months ago (edited)

Previously I pointed out what looked to be a Symmetrical Triangle pattern.

Turns out not so much. Further time period revealed more of a flat top on the Triangle.


But a Ascending Triangle is a continuation pattern...and that kinda looks like it was going up...maybe...but it was also going down a bit and forming what looked like a downward channel...before breaking out of it?

And we're at the top of the chart. So there's not really many resistance lines to look to.

Are you betting it pops off?

Not trading advice. Invest at your own discretion. Educate yourself and don't put all your eggs in one basket. Divest.

But if it's only a few bucks, fuck it. Don't let people tell you how to spend your money.

Update: It appears BTC has made it's move. It's broken out of the ascending triangle...downward.


Perhaps it will continue this downward spike...or perhaps it will simply pick up a bit and return...

I think I'm gonna risk it and bet on it returning to these prices soon.

Not trading advice.


aka flat.