Cardano breaks out of Symmetrical Triangle Pattern!

in LeoFinance4 months ago (edited)

One of the coins I follow and kind of believe in happens to be Cardano.

Previously many of these potentially useful coins haven't been the best movers. Perhaps because many people don't have the same ideas of what have makes a coin worthwhile.

Cardano seems to be finally catching it's stride tho.

And today, it just made a Symmetrical Triangle, and then broke out of it!


That looks pretty good to me!

But what looks even better is that ADA appears to be rising in a upward channel towards the sky!


That certainly looks good to me.

This is not trading advice! Educate yourself! Be responsible for your own money and your own gains! Never put all your trades in one basket!

I could be reading this completely wrong after all.

Edit: Well ADA doesn't seem to wanna play ball.


I don't know what this even means.

Perhaps a fakeout before a crash?

Educate yourself. Don't panic. Bring a towel.