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RE: Hive Rewards Distribution System: Good, Bad & Entitlement

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I agree with most of your points. While some of us can't invest with large amounts of money, our participation brings ton of value as well. As more people put in more time and effort on Hive vs traditional social networks, it increases the value of Hive as real people are engaging in real interactions, connecting, and networking with each other. Play games, exchanging ideas, trading things. All of these real human interactions have a great value on the internet. That is why Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc are highly valued companies.

Until now I have assumed that our content and interactions on the web allow the generation of new blocks or something like that and that this in turn generates more currency and that as more publications exist the benefit is greater.

You are not completely wrong. That is how blocks are created, all blockchain activities are put into blocks and block producers create blocks and blockchain keep moving. Our real interactions make these blocks meaningful. Otherwise witnesses would be producing empty blocks.

Thank you for you comment.


Thanks to you for your answer, the picture has become much clearer to me, my first interaction with the blockhain and cryptomode world has been steemit / hive and I'm trying to understand a little bit about how it works. This publication really helped me a lot about the inflation issue, which I didn't understand at all, and now your answer has helped me to know where the chain of all the movements we users make is.
Have a beautiful day.