Hive Poker League - One of the best communities on Hive

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Communities. That is what Hive is about. Or so says @enjar. Enjar says - "Hive journey is the best with communities". He is right. There are so many communities on Hive, it is physically impossible for one person to be active in all. However, it provides home for users from all walks of life and of various interests.

Today, I would like to talk about one of the best communities on Hive and the place I spend most time at. That is Hive Poker League.

Hive Poker League is one of the oldest communities on Hive and has its own App for playing Poker. The poker site is developed and maintained by @brosgn and they build many different games for Hive users. We play poker at

Everyday there are some freeroll tournaments for Hive users to participate and winners win free $Hive. Usually the prize is distributed among top 3 winners. The biggest tournament usually happens on the first Saturday of the months for a bigger prize.

The website App is just amazing. It is browser based and can be used on computer, tablets, and mobile devices. BrosinoPoker is one of the first gaming Apps built on HIve for Hive users. If you enjoy playing poker, and ever wanted to learn how to play, this is the best place to play.

Most importantly, the most fun part of Hive Poker League is the community members. We have some awesome Hive users in the community. You probably already know most of them, as they are also talented bloggers, vlogers, and artists from around the world and share their works on Hive blogging platforms as well.

We don't only play poker. We also spend a lot of time chatting about various things in life, crypto, politics, etc. We are a global community who enjoy playing poker, participating in Hive economy, and just having fun together on daily basis.

There are several game modes for Hive Poker - freeroll tournaments, sit-&-go, and ring games. Most played games are freerolls. These are tournaments to win free Hive coins. They are either sponsored by BRO network directly or other sponsors. Anybody can sponsor or host freeroll tournaments. Anybody who wishes to support Hive Poker League and BRO gaming network can contribute by sponsoring freeroll games. In fact, in the past many of the top witnesses chose to do so.

Another type of games are sit-&-go, which requires users to registers and starts once the limit is filled. They can be to win free tickets for freerolls or players use buy-in amounts.

My favorite is ring games. This is sort of a cash games, where players use their own chips. These chips are usually won in freeroll tournaments. Per BrosinoPoker policy players cannot deposit cash. The only way to obtain chips is to play freeroll tournaments. This is great, nobody has to gamble their own money. You win free chips and play free chips in ring games. Or alternatively users can withdraw their chips to Hive coins.

Overall, Hive Poker League is one of the best communities on HIve. If you enjoy playing poker or have any interest to learn how to play poker, I highly recommend joining the community. If you have any questions feel free to ask me here or find me on discord.

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OK, you got me, I'm heading over now to check out Poker! Perhaps add a hyperlink?

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Awesome! Games may require tickets which you can get but clicking 'Get Ticket' button. Let me know if you have any issues. See you at the tables. :)

seems very......quiet

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need to show up when tournaments happen. there 'good time'? (uk)

Usually there are 10-20 Hive games at 5 or 6 pm PST. There are some other times too.

not too man peeps in there - wrong time?

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Hey nice to see the poker community is still alive!! It was my favorite one on steem since the lucksacks days 😂

I hadn't been very active around here the last year or so, but now that I'm back I'm definitely joining the poker league again, hope to see you later at the tables!

I am a poker player and I am finding out about this it looks great right now I am going to download the application

You don’t need to download. It is on a browser.

How do i join the Pokemon league? Sounds fun!

Aren’t you already there?

The idea of the free chip is amazing it makes the freeroll tournaments splendid if you ask me, I guess sometimes people are always skeptical to put in money but this is good. I'll of course check it out. Awesome review.

Join. It is fun. I promise.

Any specific time you guys are normally playing?

Usually I play games that happen at 5pm or 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Let me know if you have questions or issues.

Okay cool.
Ye well, I am not gonna join.
Thats in the middle of the night for me, 5pm pt is 2am cest xD

There are other times too. Half of the players are from EU. I was just mentioning times I play.

Yeye I figured :p
I just meant I wouldn't be joining your guys game :p

I am new on hive . So i am looking for how it is good to use, I think it would be good what you said about the community. I will join on the community soon and try this

Yes, find communities you like and participate there. You may also like @bdcommunity.

I already in bd community. Thank you for visiting my blog. it would be too good to stay with you dear.

I'll join y'all for a poker game soon!

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