Hive Dollars Are Pizza Certified

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A couple of days ago I offered to buy some pizzas with Hive Dollars (HBD) to Hive People in an attempt to make Hive Dollars Pizza Certified. You can read more about this here:
Let Me Buy You Pizza With Hive Dollars | Budget - 50 HBD

It was great to see many to participate and give me an opportunity to buy them pizzas. It has been fun. Pizzas will be bought in India, US, Argentina, Bulgaria, Nigeria, etc. It is amazing how global our Hive community is. Hive Dollars has a good potential in becoming an internet money that is used by many for daily purchases.

I have already sent out the HBDs. If you are one of the participants, feel free to share the pictures of your pizzas in the comments below. Sharing photos is not required, only do so if you get an opportunity to take some pictures and would like to share. Otherwise, no need.

HBD Pizza Certification Participants

# Name Cost in HBD Cost in USD
1 @trayan 10 20
2 @jeffjagoe 8 16
3 @jacobtothe 8 16
4 @sanjeevm 7.5 15
5 @leprechaun 5 10
6 @quixoticflux 5 10
7 @cherylsonty 3 6
8 @codingdefined 3 6
9 @autocrat 3 6
Total 52.5 105

Thank you for participating! Enjoy your pizzas!

Now that HBD is Pizza Certified and officially can be called money, what else can we buy with HBD? I would like to do similar experiments in the future. What would you suggest I should buy for Hive People next? Video games, lunch or dinner (not limited to pizza), books, gadgets, computer accessories? Share your ideas in the comments.

I want to save up some HBD to buy a good DSLR camera.

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It's official!
Hive is a real thing

Wow, looks delicious. Thank You. This evidence of HBD pizza certification will live on the blockchain forever. :)

Hey! I love this initiative! We should talk sometime! I am the creator of the $PIZZA token and website where we are building a really cool project around some of these same ideas! You mentioned buying video games with your HBD! What if you could buy video games with your HBD AND your PIZZA tokens right here in the HIVE ecosystem?


That does sound interesting. I will read up more about Hive Pizza 🍕. Thank You!

If you're a PC gamer, game keys will be available with HBD and PIZZA token very soon :)



@geekgirl! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @thebeardflex.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at

WOW, loved the initiative!
Last year, I got this pizza delivered to my home during lockdown with Hive's FOODIE tokens in a p2p transaction with @chetanpadliya:
[Ref.: Hive's Very Own Pizza Day is Here: First Ever FOODIE PIZZA DAY Today!]

It was a vegan pizza freshly baked and delivered to me at doorstep just for 10,000 FOODIE. How beautiful to recollect and relive that moment 😊. Thank you!

That is awesome. I didn't know about this tribe. Thank you.

I love this initiative, it's a great idea @geekgirl.
A while ago I had the opportunity to buy a pizza with Hive and it was a great experience.

I'm glad to see that other users have also had a similar experience with HBD.

Coincidentally, there is a Pizza token and a community on Hive starting out revolving around the theme run by @thebeardflex you may want to check out some time.

That is interesting. I think I saw a pizza bot comment in the previous post. Not sure if they are the same thing.

I too really like pizza...

Will you share your pizza with us?


You are late for the party. :) They were so delicious, we ended up eating them all. Maybe we could order some more.

One day when we all get Super Rich let us send pizzas to the people who could really use a dinner.

We too like the pizza

I will take a video game

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I agree, video games would be good one too.

Thank you so much!

Thank You!

Pizzas will be bought in India, US, Argentina, Bulgaria, Nigeria, etc


Love your creative mind

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Thank You Nathan!

I was thinking about the NFT craze and I noticed that even HIVE has its own NFT markets. So I was thinking about people choosing an NFT such as for a game, art, music or video that they would like to purchase. At least this way people can choose something useful or something they think is nice.

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NFTs is a great idea. However they are already part of the Hive Economy, and people already use Hive coins to trade them. I was thinking more about things outside of Hive Ecosystem. Thank you for the suggestion.

Your welcome. It was the first thing that came to my mind so that is why I decided to write it down. The only other thing that comes to my mind is games or computer accessories (which you already mentioned).

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So they converted HBD to USD and bought pizza?

Yes, USD or other fiat depending on the country. I doubt there are many places that accept HBD for pizza yet.



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thanks a lot for this! Pizza pics and post soon to come! Cheers :)

Thank You!

Thank you so much for bringing forth this concept/idea ..
This is a throwback to early Bitcoin days!
10k Bitcoin for a pizza!!!

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Thank You.

I bought mine. Pizzas are only 5 bucks.

That's awesome. Thank You.

Wow, that was super - my daughter is very happy after hearing about this - soon you will see the post.

That is great. Thank You @sanjeevm.

This is awesome. I'm glad your experiment worked and that Hive is now pizza certified. You bought quite a few pizzas and all over the world as well. Excellent.

Thank You @leaky20.

Thank you so much @geekgirl we're going to enjoy the pizza today!

Great! Thank You.

But can you buy a pizza with crypto WITHOUT throwing your privacy in the garbage, or involving large corporations? I dare you to try! So far nobody has been able to do it, anywhere in the world, because crypto is not private or decentralized.

Sure, maybe, I don't know. lol :)
It doesn't have to be complicated.
We are just having fun and enjoying some pizzas. :)

Cool, have fun and enjoy the pizza!
Please let me know if you or anyone else ever finds a way to use crypto privately and decentralized.

Ahhh I had missed your initiave in this but how is this actually!

What would be even more cool if people would make videos or something showing their friends how they can be able to buy a pizza with HBD which they had made from blogging. That will draw new users fo-sho!

It definitely is one of the ways that can attract new users to the platform. It shouldn't be that difficult to onboard more people to Hive, as it is an invitation for people to do things they already like doing elsewhere, but also build crypto equity. But for some reason, onboarding new users is still something we haven't figured out yet.

Thanks so much for the pizza @geekgirl, would be sharing photos in my next post.

Thank You for participating.

Woohoo, thanks would be ordering my pizza tomorrow :P

Awesome. Thank You.

And the Pizza Ordered and Received with Thanks :)




I did NOT see this before now, my bad! I will report back with pizza in the next few days, promise.

I'd be glad to sell my jewelry creations in HBD.

I think @hivelist is working on something like that. I am not sure if they launched yet.