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RE: Who is gonna launch HIVE Shark Tank ?

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I have no idea why you would go backwards to go forwards or why a period of time off instead of networking with others would be a good idea in your mind...

Personally I like the idea and think that you just need more help with other people from the community...


you just need more help with other people from the community

I've finally figured it out this and I'm back now :)

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Party on man.

The Judge Ganjafarmer down to give you a hand.

And yes we could totally use innovation and rewards to support people with new ideas! Both physical and virtual!

Date set 1st June for first HIVE shark Tank.

Let's go!

Sweet. I've got a few ideas myself.

@thelogicaldude this guy has Hive list and stores that we could also help individuals get signed up for and we could also help with promotions of cool products!

We got two candidates for the first episode of HIVE Shark Tank.

1st June is good for you @thelogicaldude ?

Got discord? Where you wanna have it?

And june 1 is great for me

My choice would be Clubhouse. Mainly because we want to be able to invite investors who're not part of HIVE with the future episode of HIVE Shark Tank.

I know we only have iOS version now and hopefully, Clubhouse will have an android version.

I'm on Telegram
I'm on Discord (nathanmars#2708) but hardly ever use it

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I don't have telegram but I do have Discord so I'm going to see if I can track you down there

Thank you :)

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Yeah I do everything for my phone so....

And unfortunately I've got a busted up Android.

good question! well, that's what I think:


Actually that is definitely the way to go right there