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RE: Demystifying HIVE: Expectations

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If you want to be noticed then you need to go out and socialise! Follow people, comment on their posts, rinse, and repeat.

And there it is...The basic road map to success here, or at the very least gaining some exposure to help drive towards success. (Yes, I know success is many varied things depending on who is considering it.)

I'm not sure why, maybe the feeling of entitlement the world seems to have these days, but people seem unwilling to put some hard-yards in, preferring the I'm here and deserve big rewards method. Reward for effort doesn't seem to have much value for people...Reward for doing bugger all is much more attractive.

Outbound engagement, with relevance and validity, is a huge factor in my mind. I do the #weekend-engagement topic on Friday's to give people somewhere to engage with others, a fun environment, and many do, but very rarely do totally new people come along. I even pay hive directly to people there for commenting, just for a comment, and yet...No newbies. Maybe I need to up the ante and offerr 5,000 hive for each comment...That might match the reward for no effort ethos. (Not going to happen people.)

But I digress...Engagement is important; Why else would long-standing accounts who go reasonably well on the blockchain work so hard to promote it if it wasn't?

I'm a relative nobody here and that's ok, it allows me to do my thing, post what I wish with impunity and to simply have fun...But here's my tips for newbies...

Post with passion, personality and effort; Engage on other people's posts with relevance and interest, and keep doing so after the first comment, don't just drop one and think you're best mates. Be personable, don't fall into the habit of thinking you're the smartest person in the room (you most probably are not) and be respectful. Use communities, not just the ones where you think a whale may lurk waiting patiently for you to arrive, drop a shit post and then vote you at 100%. Show consistency and be patient, your account will grow in time. When you're done doing all of that...Do it all again, and again.

And I'm spent...Lol

That's all I got.


You are not a nobody here, far from it.., most of us know you.

Post with passion, personality and effort; Engage on other people's posts with relevance and interest, and keep doing so after the first comment, don't just drop one and think you're best mates.

Wise words, and ones I have said before (but not recently). It's time to say them again as the user base has changed so much in the last year (and nobody seems to do these types of posts anymore).

Thanks mate, I appreciate that. I guess I mean more that I'm not notable or very powerful. Most know me as that kooky dude from down under! (Not Crocodile Dundee, the other one! Lol)

You know, if each user supported just one other person for a little while, and then that person did the same and so on, we would be doing pretty well. It doesn't have to be financially either, just commenting on someone who never gets comments is support, and makes that person feel welcome.

I don't know, there's many elements to it I suppose. I liked this post of yours, and linked to it in one I did to day to try and spread the word.

Thanks for your kind words.

I can't say I'm the best on commenting TBH, I have my days and then other's I can't be arsed (is that term familiar to you?). Good words though, I should be higher up @abh12345's weekly chart and sometimes don't even appear in it.

Can't be arsed is actually my middle name - Honest. OK, not really, I made that up. Yes the term is familiar, it's almost like an Australian mantra.

Some weeks I'm up the top, others not so much...It depends on what's going on in my life, work with Faith and her mum...Commenting to be up the top of the EL isn't my trip. Some of my best commenting weeks have been when I did less comments but to accounts that really needed them, new people, strugglers. It means so much to get comments...I started with nothing here and remember getting comments from people like @sirknight and @mattclarke etc. It means a great deal to me and kept me pushing on. So, the quantity isn't always so important but the quality and where they are placed is.

Of course, newbies need to take some ownership too...I'm a reward for effort guy, show some and you'll get some. You know?