The audit result about cubfinance proyect is here.

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I love the audit proccess because give us a security and razonability about the result, a little security.

And this morning i review the cub city and i am surprise, the link with audit are here, AND i took a Little screen about the results of our magnific proyect.

This give us an impulse to our cubfinance proyect and of course hive and leo too, because a lot of posible investment ser this result before spend their money in defy proyects.

If you want to see the auditing proccess go to.

Remember this material was extract from cubfinance and certik, by the way certik have a token i am seriously considerng to buy some one.

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Que buena información @galberto! Muchas gracias.

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Gracias a usted por venir mano si ojala el proyecto vaya bien.

I looked into setting up a yield farm with cubfi, but the site looked like a clone of pancakeswap and I wasn't able to connect through Trustwallet. What is your experience with it and what wallet do you use?

i am sure you should metamask, because it is more easy, and finally i know is same to pancakeswap but we here have a great community it is not only harvest, we have an diarie about finance here on leo it would be more value than only panckacke swap. i guess.

I will look into it, thanks

Recuerda que en los negocios debes estar muy bien informado , y la seguridad es un punto bastante importante , ve lento pero con paso firme .
Un abrazo mi querido amigo