Abundance is NOT for Everyone!

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Strange statement in the title. Isn't that the scarcity-based mindset? That there's not enough to go around for everyone.

Yes it is. And yet, the two statements are not contradictory.

Even if we have abundance, and there's enough for everyone multiple times, not everyone will feel its benefits.

Why is that?

Because many have an issue transitioning from a scarcity-based mindset to one of abundance. They simply don't grasp abundance.

Abundance, to them, feels like a lot of something, but still finite. Instead of a never ending stream of opportunities with compounding possibilities.

So they might feel the need to be first, take the biggest share, the highest profit, or EVEN give (back) the most. All while making sure competition is annihilated.

We are all learning what abundance is, because none of us was raised or lived in such an age.

For some, the change of mindset comes easier than for others. I believe the majority of people has issues adapting to the age of abundance. Even those close to it, like in the crypto-verse.

Manifestations such as

  • tribalism
  • greed
  • if my token doesn't pump, yours can go to h*ll too
  • there is only one coin and ecosystem (maximalists)
  • excited Ethereum has issues with high fees, we can take some of their market share for defi
  • scams, hacks, rug pulls

come from the scarcity-based mindset.

You know the expression can't see the forest for the trees. Scarcity is like a tree. Everyone is jumping on it to take a share, because one tree won't be enough for all. What they are missing is all the other trees from the forest, where abundance is. Not one particular tree, but the forest as a whole is where abundance lies.


Maybe I'm hoping for too much. Will abundance make us more tolerant? More cooperative instead of competitive? Less criminal-minded, those who scam, hack or rug pull?

I don't think so. Maybe it is indeed something wrong with the human species, as some say, after all.

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Will abundance make us more tolerant? More cooperative instead of competitive? Less criminal-minded, those who scam, hack or rug pull?

Nope! Those you mentioned above will want more, no matter how much they have. That's human nature. After a point it's not about how much you need but about how much you can get. Sad, but true.

Great article by the way!

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Sadly, I agree with you. Thanks for your comment!

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The only thing we can do is be good, do good and not be greedy.

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Sometimes aiming for financial independence or freedom can be mistaken with greediness. And that's wrong, because I believe if more people would have such a plan and work for it, we would be much better as a society.

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I agree and you can see that kind of mentality on Hive as well. The less poor people, the richer the society, so as Hive.


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