Paparino Lottery Draw - week #97 - Guaranteed Prize Pool 33.548 STEEM _ 16.818 SBD _ 11.066 HBD _ 310.311 LEO

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...week #96 was over last night..we had no winner this week so the generated STEEM - SBD - HIVE - HBD and LEO will be added in next week's jackpot pool...the latest post generated 0.037 SBD , 0.23 HBD and a bonus of 2.1 LEO which means the jackpot reaches a total amount of guaranteed winnings of 33.548 STEEM, 16.818 SBD , 11.066 HBD and 310.311 LEO..




please read the following


..when you make a promise you should always keep it...last week i committed myself to introduce a new winning category and now is the time to fulfill my promise...
...after some thought the new 4th winning category was born...
...actually it is something that i was thinking about time ago but couldn't find the right time to make this step... Hiveian - Leofinanceian friend trumpman gave me the push i needed to move with the new implementation so here we are!!!!
...the new 4th winning category will giveaway - pay attention please - only the generated LEO profits from that specific week's post....
....let me say this again...
...whatever LEO the week's post generates...this and only this will be the 4th's winning category prize!!!!
...made this clear in order to win the 4th category you will only have to hit Psoliagkos number and one common number!!!...yes that's it...hit 2 numbers and you common and Psoliagkos number will grand you the weeks LEO profits....
...hope you're happy enough...
...implementing this change though made necessary to change the rules of the lottery...we had a no upvote ,no follow , no reblog rule you have to UPVOTE the week's post in order to participate... reblog is necessary BUT YOU NEED TO UPVOTE THE WEEK'S POST FOR AN ENTRY....
...if you don't upvote the post your entry will be invalid and you will be disqualified...
...hope made this clear as well... lets not wait....get yourself an entry is easier to win from now on!!!....LEO is waiting for you!!!

...have a look please on the following text in RED...

...paparino lottery draw is running on steemit as well as on hive blog.....the winner as stated takes all the prize doesn't matter if you use steemit or leofinance,peakd, etc in order to participate.....if you win win the whole prize pool!!! ....BUT..... you can only get one entry ticket....
...what does this mean??? means that you can enter the lottery only one time.....choose the platform you like the best and get yourself an entrance cannot enter through steemit and at the same time through cannot enter through hive and at the same time through steemit OR any other platform....
...hope this is clear...if by chance you make this mistake then you will be disqualified from that week's lottery draw....

as you can see HIVE , HBD and LEO have been added to the total prize pool....this means more winning prizes for you guys...the winner no matter if his entry coming from STEEM community or HIVE or LEOFINANCE community takes it all!!!! don't miss your chance to claim the jackpot....get now an entry !!!!

...don't forget Mr. Phallusinio is always out there for can meet him in this post where i introduced him to you...
... just to remind you we have 3 winning categories in our lottery...
...By the help of Mr. Phallusinio is even EASIER to win, you only have to hit PSOLIAGKOS and 2 common numbers and Mr.Phallusinio will come and deliver to you the week's generated STEEM, SBD, HIVE and HBD.....
...NOT the whole jackpot!! careful!!!...only that specific week's generated don't miss this new opportunity....Paparino lottery draw is getting better always in your favor!!!

..the pot belongs to the is yours...but nothing will happen if you don't play... throw your entry in the comments below and get access to the jackpot!!! never know when Goddess Luck will smile at you.. won't take you more than a minute to make a comment with your numbers and get an entry to claim this pot!!!!
...write down FOUR common numbers plus ONE more our special psoliagkos...
...i would very kindly ask you to make clear which is your PSOLIAGKOS number....if you don't clarify PSOLIAGKOS number there might be misunderstandings so make sure it is clear...

official paparino lottery logo - original design by @funnel

...this Sunday's draw numbers were the can always check the lottery's draw numbers by visiting this link


...if you want to have a look on the details and the rules of Paparino Lottery Draw you can always visit my older post here

...i would like to thank again everybody for supporting this project,as it becomes stronger every week.. NOW and grab the chance to claim the prize STEEM ,SBD , HIVE ,HBD and LEO tokens is just sitting there for you...

...pick four common numbers from 1 to 45....and one special,the notorious Psoliagkos from 1 to 20...

...three winning categories...

  • ...1st WINNING CATEGORY... hit the whole 5 numbers (4 common numbers plus psoliagkos)

  • ...2nd WINNING CATEGORY... hit 4 numbers (this can be 3 common numbers plus psoliagkos OR 4 common numbers)

  • ...3rd WINNING CATEGORY... hit 3 numbers (2 common numbers plus psoliagkos)

  • ....4th WINNING CATEGORY.... hit 2 numbers (1 common number plus psoliagkos)

...don't forget that the draw is taking place every Sunday at 19:00 GMT hour BUT the entries close on Saturday 19.00 GMT entries will be accepted after this time limit!!! entry per account please!!!!

..NO reblog ...NO follow is required...
...If you 're feeling so is always appreciated though and will make a difference!!!


paparino's prize pool all time contributors
@dimitrisp : 1 SBD - 5 STEEM
@cryptomaniacsgr : 0.639 SBD

All time Paparino's Winners
@jfang003 - 4th category winner - won 1.505 LEO

rules prior to change at author's discretion
official paparino lottery logo original design by @funnel - not free for reuse
Mr.Phallusinio's ID Card original design by @funnel - not free for reuse

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23, 27, 33, 37 and ...17

1 / 4 / 22 / 24 - 19

It's been a long time since I entered, but why not :)
3-16-17-26 and...2

5-15-27-40 / 13

10-13-22-25 and 1

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7-12-22-28 - 5

2 - 12 - 41 - 43 / 11

1,3,5,7 and psoliagkos 9

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@jfang003 please upvote the post in order your entry to be eligible

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I already voted. I took a screen shot off PeakD to show you. I generally vote 50% and have modifiers for tribes to be at 2x.


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ok checked!

i would like to invite all participants that have taken part (one or more times) so far, in this week's draw as well...if you don't like your username to be tagged, just ask me to remove it from the list....

@giosou @dimitrisp @filotasriza3 @sparkesy43 @cranium @prettysnake @andruto @sportwetten @freedomno1 @reconnectnature @mgood @vaco @jznsamuel @stefanialexis @maarnio @stever82 @wizardave @trumpman @goastrighter @motherearthist @minhaz007 @neddykelly @bitandi @cryptomaniacsgr @artysteps @khan.dayyanz @dwingsworld @zaxan @mightypanda @nikoleondas @barmbo @nikosnitza @mango-juice @darthgexe @monsterplayer @dbooster @thebigsweed @stiant @calluna @ecoinstant @rentmoney @azalealife @onefatindian @anadello @steliosfan @dallas27 @robertoueti @sardonic @myfreebtc @rufusfirefly @koskl @minimining @jadnven @gniksivart @roronoa07 @wonderwop @shadown99 @von-doom @minloulou @deceth @pataty69 @ronaldoavelino @binkyprod @diogosantos @jeffjagoe @dizzyapple @bethvalverde @acolucky @mastergerund @marianaemilia @pedrocanella @niallon11 @wizardave @steemstreems @rantar @gusvzla @andremit @stephalt @steemcryptosicko @samsemilia7 @darklands @romanreign @minixi @brancarosamel @mistakili @paul.atreides @dosh @udow @massimoc23 @calprut @zkalemiss @paramind @doze @sunai @hmayak @lucindago @annepink @cherryzz @wolffeys @psos @thales7 @cloudblade @teutonium @robertyan @imealien @ecoinstante @thejbullfrog @chireerocks @tixinhacapitinha @tcapit @cgbonus @felipejoys @maarnio @threejay @shellygonzaga @tixinhacapitinha @sgbonus @d-zero @tts @bastter @voxmortis @moz333 @cryptoreaper @brandonk @nmcdougal94 @steem-d-anlovnit @syalla @coinsandchains @calluna @agmoore @monsterbuster @marie-johanna @yorra @fredkese @kirstin @yorra @levi-miron @bluerobo @ronavel @sifondeseltz @no-advice @katerinaramm @jfang003 @hykss @marvinix @oldmans @nikoleondas.leo @whywhy @evernoticetat @marvinix

...good luck to everybody... spread the word !!!

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hello @whywhy have to upvote the post in order your entry to be eligible

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