Fitbit is now owned by Google

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That's right, I was just as stoked as you with the news!


When this morning I received on my email inbox the official announcement, I just could not believe it. $2.1 Billion shopping... for google is not much but tells us all one thing. They know what they are doing.

They were missing out a great part of this market on their portfolio and now that there's basically COVID everywhere, this might be the best time to buy low. Great strategy.

Do you own a Fitbit?

If you do, like me, then I hope this is good news for our devices. Most likely more integration with other apps if I am guessing right, but what will happen to the product innovation? Fitbit had a particular way of creating products that I kind of like, even if it is not that 100% perfect mark yet.

With acquisitions, there are always changes...

I should have bought some shares, damit!

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@forykw, No surprise. They want to sit on the top in all "Markets". Stay blessed.

Yeah... but I think the strategy here was to buy something not yet fully valued, that has a lot of users already and some kind of reputation. Hope this is for good for a change. Fitbit had some lack of resources lately due to the low profits.

Thank you for sharing this knowledge. Stay blessed.

One more to colaborate to the data colection

Yeah... I know. Either way, we all get sucked up in some way.

Still unsure if I like the monopoly growing even more. 😁

In this kind of market there is a ton of variety... so, might be actually good... maybe apple adds up a decent amount of battery to apple watch... the only thing not letting me buy one is that poor 1 day battery thing. Otherwise I would be already sold of.

But yep... let's see. Not buying any device until I see a clear picture.

Yep, probably the wisest decision! 😉

I totally missed the news. Thanks for sharing this. This is just more data for Alphabet Inc.

Sort of... there is still a transition to be made like any acquisition... but it will happen.