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RE: Governments Are Not Invited

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Bitcoin is permissionless, meaning that ANYONE is invited.

Yes, even legacy banks and governments.

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yeah untill the Bitcoin Elite decide to launch the agenda to put secret controls on BTC to scam the governments by using some secret blockchain arbitration committee to decide to just confiscate trillions in government accounts over ethereum's next updates over the next few years, or when BTC becomes a "Green" system under tesla lololol

imagine when governments get their entire btc stash's confiscated and we have our own IMF WORLD BANk predators come ina nd make loans and lower their credit ratinsga nd take OVER HAHAHAHAHA

they showed US how to do it thinking we would never copy them and do it better lol they dug their own graves

the old anunaki symbiol based magic bullshit governmments based on OLD PAPERWORK and ink are DONZO